Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Everyone, just a quick, short letter this week, because we went to Resistencia twice, so basically we didn´t really work a whole lot in our area, but it was great, and a lot of fun to see everyone! We went to Resistencia, and we got to eat at Macdonalds for the first time in almost a year for me. Plus I got to be with all my group from the MTC for like 2 days, which was super fun. I miss them a lot, and we get along super good. Some of my very best friends in my life now, because of everything we´ve all done together, and how much we´ve all progressed and learned together. So Resistencia was really fun. The busses we travel on are really nice, when it´s long distances. I would probably say even a tiny tiny bit nicer than an airplane, which is nice. But yesterday was really fun, because we made Tacos for Esteban y Miriam, so that they could try them, and they ended up loving them. It was really fun to cook in their house with them, and to just have a fun afternoon. THe tacos turned out excellent, and made me miss some of the food we all eat regularly, but I love the Argentine food still, so no worries. I also made Peanut Butter cookies for them to try, and they weren´t super stoaked about those, just because that type of food doesn´t exist, even in the least here. They don´t even know what peanut butter is, but it was funny, and they were excited to try them. This week we´ve got 3 baptisms planned, so all the prayers we can get would help a lot. Celia, Albertina, y Raul. Raul is a kid of 9 years, and he is super excited. His family was less active but we´re reactivating them and he´s goign to get baptized. Albertina is that Brazilian lady, she´s super sick, and super awesome. It´s amazing to see how much she´s been converted to the Lord. And Celia is the same lady that was going to get baptized a few weeks ago, she´s just been having a few little things stopping her, but with lots of prayer and asking, she´s going to get baptized this week. So we´re being really blessed lately! Despite the fact that me and my companion are so different, and we don´t always see eye to eye on everything. But I expected it, because i´ve had such amazing companions the last 3 transfers, that I had to get one to teach me something that is hard for me, and to test my patience a little. But we´re working through it, and we´re doing well. But thanks for everyhting. I love you all and hope all is well. Sounds like Sawyer is tearing it up in basketball! That´s awesome, keep it up! And Tean with his papers, that´s so crazy. I still can´t believe it. But i´m super excited to hear where he´s going. And Tance is driving still kills me, I can´t believe they´re all so old and growing up. Nuts. But Sounds like all is well, i´m really proud of each of you, always work hard, and do your best, even when it´s not easy. That´s what i´m learning right now in my mission. And somethign that Mom and Dad always taught me. Oh, and yesterday was pretty cool, Esteban and Hermano Machado, my two converts were the two to bless the sacrament, so that was really cool to see them both blessing the sacrament! It´s so cool to baptize priesthood holders, so that they can bless their own families and everything. Oh and tell Emma that i´m so proud of her and that I love her, and wish I could be there, but that i´m helping other kids to be able to enjoy what she´s going to enjoy, and that I know what she is doing is the absolute BEST thing she could be doing in her life, and I´d do anything to be there to support her. If you could tell her that, i´d really appreciate it! I love you all, thanks!!!

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