Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey Everyone! Sounds like everyone is good! I lost a little bit of
weight from being sick, but I think i´ve already gained it all back,
and a little more, haha, but i´m eating a lot better. It´s getting
really cold here, so all the people give us warm milk with like a
scone type food, which isn´t helping a whole lot, but i´m doing
excercises in the morning! That´s so crazy Tance is blessing the
sacrament and that he´s got his driver´s license!! And Sawyer just
turned 14! Wow, and Tean! Did he move out yet? That ride along would
be sweet, I´ve always wanted to try that. The police here are pretty
crazy. Sometimes they go on strike, and all the police cars just start
sounding their sirens super loud and everyone has to go inside because
they are so crazy, and it´s not safe at all. But it´s pretty funny to
watch them.  Is he going to move out, Tean? Thanks for the garments,
they help keep warm, it´s pretty freezing here right
now. It´s a completely different kind of freezing than in Utah, it´s
really humid here, so the coats and things don´t seem to do a whole
lot.  That should be fun the family reunion! I´m glad everyone is
going, and I hope it´s fun! Tell everyone Hi and that I love them all!
 Yeah pancakes are pretty easy to make here, but the people don´t know
what they are! And it´s so funny, I keep giving members the Sour
Warheads you all gave me, and they don´t have sour things here, so
their faces are literally the funniest things on this earth, and I
have to video it for you guys. It´s hilarious.  Sounds like the rugby
things are going good for Tance! Sounds like they´ll be fun to watch
when I get home.  That´s kinda crappy he´ll be a beetdigger, when he
could have been a Silverwolf. Way cooler! ahah no but that´s cool.
Charli´s mom will be happy about that, Í´m pretty sure she went to
Jordan High School.
On Thursday we helped build a house for one of the families we´re
teaching, so that was pretty fun to just build for a few hours! I
really appreciate all the emails, thanks for always sending me
everything, I know it takes a lot of time.  I love reading how
everyone is doing.  That song Bless My Son is really cool, from the
ones you sent me. I like them all really.  I´m sad I´m missing the
Olympics, but it´s cool to be in another country for the Olympics,
It´ll be fun to be cheering for Argentina for this once :) But I think
i´ll be Argentine when I get older anyways. I love it here. It´s so
fun to be living in a different country, with a Different language. I
am seriously thinking about when I´m a lot older, just moving here
with my family for a few months at a time. It´s awesome. I love
everything here. Just not during summer. It´s horrible. Tooooo hot.
That´s hilarious about dad´s matress. That´s a pretty mean joke
though! I don´t know if i´d have the guts to do it.  That´s awesome
Charli is going to go with you guys to the reunion, should be great!
Make sure to take lots of pictures.
Sorry not a whole lot to say this week, but I love you all, thanks for
*Elder Quynton Allsup*

PS...Hey we are going to Center today, and i´m going to send a letter for grandma and grandpa, y grandma and grandpa erlebach, and gigi and papa, i´m going to send them to you guys, will you please send them? or take them to them and you can read them together? they aren´t much but i wanted to do it because they´ve sent me stuff, thanks. Tell charli i´m sending her one too, and also to Jason and Leanne, tell them please so they know it´s coming, it´ll be about 2 weeks, if it doens´t get to them have them tell me because i took pictures.  thanks love you, i´ll write later

Hey I ended up sending all the letters in one, so if you can, will you
please take out the letters to the grandparents and then just resend
that letter to Jason and Leanne so it´s cool for them to get a letter
from argentina? I hope it all works, it costed me a ton of money! Like
$15! But i´m not worried, it means a whole lot to me, and I hope it
helps everyone out. Thanks mom. Sounds like all is well! I forgot my
paper to write what I was going to write for the week, so I´ll write a
little bit later with all that. But it sounds like everyone is doing
well! I can´t beleive Tance is freaking driving!! How crazy is that!
And Sawyer just turned 14. That´s so crazy to me. Has Tean moved out
yet? Sounds pretty cool, his ride along with Eric! I´ll be in this
place for like 20-30 more mintues, so feel free to write, I´ll include
my longer letter a little bit later for the blog.


On 7/23/2012 Trent Allsup <tejanoroo@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Sir, how are you doing?  I hope you are feeling better, for me the

> worse times in my mission were when I got sick or hurt, they weren't

> very many times that that happened but when they did I hated them.  I

> am glad you are doing so well, I hope you get a chance to visit those

> falls before you get transferred, I really want to visit them when we

> come down.

> I got to teach the lesson for the combined priesthood meeting today

> and I just thought I might tell you what I learned today, I realized

> my greatest joy and happiness comes from making life better for others

> and I just wanted to suggest that you search for ways (big and small)

> to make life better for those you come in contact with, even if you

> may never see them again.  Do it for anyone, not just someone you may

> teach, find ways to fill your days with making life better and you

> will have great joy and success and people will be happier because of

> you.  People will start to do the same for others and you will make

> whole communities better and happier places.  I love you Quynn, thank

> you for your great example, Love you,Dad

Hey Dad, sorry for not responding the last week, I was organizing all

my pictures and music onto my flashdrives and things. How´s it going?

Yeah being sick was really crappy. It´s so sucky because you can´t do

anything in the mission when you´re sick. It´s not like you can just

sit home and watch The Office, or play Madden 2012! You just have to

sit there, and I got pretty tired of just reading, reading, reading,

reading and reading. That´s really cool you got to teach that class.

I shared that experience and what you learned with an Investigator we

have that is having a hard time being happy right now, and he really

took it to hard, and started tearing up as I was telling him. Thank

you so much for telling me that and for helping me. It really does

make sense. I always have the example you set for me to always help

other people, and I really appreciate it, and it´s a value in life,

that I consider to be one of the highest and most useful. Thanks Dad.

It´s one of those thigns, just like you said, that makes the world a

better place, and if there is a place that needs to have more

courtesy, it´s in the mission, when you give everything for everyone,

even though it´s extremely difficult.  Thanks for all your help dad, I

love you, hope all is well. How´s the greenhouse and htings? I´m

learning to speak really well. Not just how the people speak, but how

to gramatically speak really well, and it´s really showing a

difference between my castellano, and a lot of the other american

elders that haev been here for a year and a half or more. People are

telling me that they´ve thought i´ve been here for a few years! Which

isn´t to brag at all, but it helps to know that it´s paying off!

Thanks, Love you dad.

Monday, July 23, 2012



First: The Family, with names from LEFT to RIGHT: Elder Allsup, Sergio (my convert), Maria Almeida (The Mom), Wendy(13), Aldana(15), Above is Brenda (9), and below is Abigail(8) and Elder Guest

Second: This is Aimar, he´s a convert of the other elders, but he always sits with me in Sacrament, he´s so awesome, I always let him wear my watch during church, and he comes up and gives me a hug every sunday

Third: A picture of all the Elders and All the converts and people baptizing, 12!!

Fourth: All the Baptizers, the Elders and our converts baptizing, with the grandma

Fifth: Same as 4 but different photo, not sure why I uploaded that one.

Sixth: All studly baptizers

Seventh: Me and Brenda coming out of the water after she got baptized.

Hey everyone!! I hope a lot of people can see these pictures! Such an awesome weekend we had!! First off, thanks so much for the watches, everyone compliments me, and I really like them a lot, and the songs are really awesome. I got them all organized and working, and it´s really awesome to have new music! Great idea with the Day of Celebration event, all the Latino Elders liked hearing the HAKKA one. It´s pretty awesome. 

On Saturday the Family Almeida got baptized!! 4 Baptisms! And the other Elders had 2 baptisms too, and so we decided we´d all baptize, (all the Elders) and the other two people to baptize, were: Sergio! and another convert of the other Elders! I don´t know if you remember but Sergio got the priesthood last week, and yesterday he was able to bless the sacrament, but he was able to baptize too, on Saturday. Ah it was so awesome to see one of my converts baptizing other converts of mine. I really learned this week that God answers prayers. To see the difference in this family, and the blessing of the gospel in their lives is such a big impact on me. They all go to seminary, they have attended about 4 activities of the ward already, and they have come every single sunday since we found them. 5 sundays without missing once.  It´s so awesome to see how the Light of Christ really can change people. Sergio now, is thinking about going on a mission, and he´s super excited to finish his year of being a member, and he´s going to go serve.  He´s so excited about the gospel, which is a huge difference. I wish you could all see how big of a difference he´s had. Before we met him, he was a wreck. Didn´t have any excitement, didn´t like talking to anyone, whenever we were at the house, he sometimes wouldn´t even look at us, and it´s just a miracle to see him now. How excited he is, and how excited the Family Almeida were. Thank you all so much for your prayers, I know it wouldn´t have been the same without them.  We are really feeling the love from the members now. They are trusting us a lot more, now that they are seeing how hard we´ve been working these past few months.  Before we got here, the members didn´t treat the missionaries really well. There had been some Elders that didn´t work very hard, and it was a mess, but it´s really nice to feel the love from everyone now.  On sunday, when we confirmed all 6 people, every Elder got to participate, and as they were getting confirmed, I got to participate once, and I literally could feel the spirit enter when he said, "Recibe El Espiritu Santo" It was a really cool experience for me, to remind me of the Gift that each of us members, who have the spirit, and how sacred of a gift it is. It really is the best, and most important gift we can receive in this life. I Really have a strong testimony now, of how powerful he is, and what he can do. I hope everyone takes a little time this week to remember how important the Holy Spirit is, and how much he can help us in our lives. I love you all so much, and I could really feel the love for each of you as I saw this family get baptized. We are all so close now, and I couldn´t hlep but think of my family and friends. THanks for everything, I love you all, Hope all is well. Love Elder Allsup

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Hey I´m feeling a lot better now, and I´m almost not sick anymore! So no need to worry! The members really took care of me. A few of them even stopped by the apartment just to give me a remedy of medicine or a tea or something. They´re so awesome.  With Regaurds to the package, everything is awesome! Those little books of Missionary answers have helped me so much! I had a few questions and those things solved them right up!  Same with the songs. They´re so awesome. It´s really nice to have a bunch of new music, thanks for doing that. When Tean and Tance go on their missions they´ll be able to use all of them! I´m starting a list too, of all the advice for their missions, so when Tean gets closer to his mission, I´ll send it to you.  Will you search the youtube video that I said a few weeks ago, and search for the songs? I want to see if they can be bought or sent to me somehow please! Or if you want, ask Josh or Charli to do it, i´m sure they´d love to.  The reason I wanted the quadruple, is because I am going to read it cover to cover, The Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Grand Price. It´s gonna be awesome. I can´t wait. I´ve got it all calculated out too, and If I want to read the whole thing in exactly one year, I have to read 7 pages per day, which is sweet. I´m going to study it though, so I have a feeling it´ll take a little longer than a year, because i´m going to mark them up and search them, not just read to read.  All 2480 pages, not including the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary.  I´m going to write down all the insight and cool things I find. I´m excited.  Some funny things that happened this week:
Argentines LOVE to talk. They talk A TON. So it´s a little difficult sometimes to leave, when we have another leccion to go teach, and sometimes we have to improvise. So this week we found out our cellphone has a "Fake Call" function. And now we use it pretty much on a daily basis. It´s great haha. We just push a button, and it starts to ring like a call. It´s even better that we can speak english, so my companion will just whisper under his breath "hey fake a call" and they have no idea he even said anything, and then all of a sudden the phone rings. It´s pretty great. Also, when I teach, I like to use a lot of examples to help people understand. For example, when we explain you have to read, ponder, and pray to know if the Libro de Mormon is true, I use the cake example.  "Hermana, If we have a big cake here, what do you have to do to know if it´s a good cake? You have to try it!" Well I did this example this week with baptism, and one of the people told me.... "You can´t compare a baptism with cake, it just doesn´t work that way" and began to tell me how that is a horrible thing that I´d compare baptism with a cake. Haha it was hilarious. She was serious though, and didn´t understand that it was just an example. But it was funny. 
Yesterday Sergio got the Priesthood, and he´s super super excited. It was so cool watching him get the priesthood. He was so excstatic to be able to bless the sacrament. He has 22 years, and he acted like a 15 year old. (Not in a bad way at all, just excited) It was pretty cool.  I can´t wait to see him pass the sacrament. Sergio is the one with the big Dread Locks, and he cut those off, but not his whole hair yet, we´re still waiting for that. But I think he´ll do it. The Family Almeida is going to get baptized this week! We´re really excited to have some good pictures of them this next week when I write you all. It should be really a great thing. THey´re so ready. They´´ve been ready for a few weeks now. They haven´t missed one time going to church, even when it´s been freezing cold, and this week we found out the mom only has 1 lung! How crazy. What a sacrifice. IT´s really cool to see the change in them. 
Thanks everyoen for everything.  I love you all, Hope all is well. Sounds like Tance´s birthday was awesome! I can´t beleive he´s 16! That´s so crazy to me. You´ll have to send me a picture of the new car! Hope all is well, Hope the summer is going good for everyone! Nos Vemos, Elder Allsup

July 10, 2012

Yesterday was a holiday so we didn´t have P-day until today, but this week

was really rough, and not a whole lot happened, because I got really

sick the sunday, and I really really got sick. I had a fever of 102.9 once,

I´ve got a picture of it. The other picture is one my companion took while

I was sleeping.  Pretty funny.  But When you get sick here, it´s like

100000 times worse because of the humidity, and this week was rainy,

freezing, and miserable the whole week.  I had to stay in my bed for like

3 days. During the night time to is awful, because I started shaking so bad

that It literally started to hurt. Super awful. I got so bored and couldn´t

do anything.  But i´m getting a little better now, hopefully í´ll be able

to go to work today.  The Mission Presidente told me I couldn´t go out and

work with a fever like that, but it´s so hard to just sit in the apartment.

You can´t do ANYTHING. But it´s all okay now.  But I got the package!! It´s

PERFECT!! Thank you so much for everyone who contributed and helped out! I

love it and it´s so awesome, everything!  Elder Posadas (From El Salvador)

Is super excited to try all the candies and cookies and stuff, and I´m

super excited about the peanut butter. Oh it´s going to be amazing! And All

the songs, and the watches, and all the books and flash drive. Everything

is awesome. Thanks so much for surprising me with everything!  Sorry there

really isn´t a whole lot new this week. The family Almeida is doing

awesome, and they´re gettingready to get baptized in 2 weeks, and that kid

Bryan we are teaching realy wants to get baptized, but his mom won´t let

him, so we´ll see what we can do with him. He´s super awesome, and he is

coming to church and everthing without even being a member of anything.  We

had to quit teaching a lot of our other investigators, because they just

weren´t progressing a ton, but i´m sure this week we´ll find some really

good people. Thanks so much for everything, I love you all, thank you so

much for the package, I can´t express how excited and happy I am for it!

All the surprises, and it was WAY better than I thought it was going to be.

So awesome of all of you to do that. I know it costed a LOT of money. Just

sending it was rediculous, and the things inside were super expensive.

thnak you so much to everyone.

I love you all, Cuidense, Con Amor, Elder Allsup

Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey Everyone! First off, Mom, you were right, I am going to be in this area a really long time, I stayed in my area again! This will be my 5th transfer, which is a lot to be in one area! Everyone was surprised that I stayed, especially me! But i´m super excited now, because weve got a lot of baptisms lined up. This week was a great week for us! Plus I had my birthday and everything! It was great! And Elder Rogers, my companion from the MTC is in an area really really close to mine, just a few miles down the road! So im hoping ill be able to see him everyonce in a while, thatd be awesome!

Sounds like youth conference was a lot of fun! Sounds like everyone is doing well! those pictures of the water bombers are so sweet! I really want to do that when I get back. Maybe I´ll be the next pilot to drop all the water on the herriman fires!  Sounds like the 4th of july would have been fun! Hope you have good plans everyone. I didnt know the dodges were pregnant again! That is crazy! Tons of little boys crawling around! Thats awesome, cant wait to see them all.

My missionary plaque is getting a little bit red dirt stained, which is cool because here in teh mission, you can tell where the missionaries have been according to what color stains they have on their shirts and clothes and plaque, for example everyone that is in Misiones, like me, has their plaque like a dark red dirt stain, and its so sweet, I love it.  Im starting to look like one of the missionaries thats been here forever, like a veteran. Its pretty cool.  So about 4 weeks ago, we found a person, and they gave us a reference for other misionaries in a different area, anyways, we forwarded the reference, and came to find out that this last saturday, the reference we gave them got baptized! How cool is that! Because we passed a reference, someones life got changed. Imagine if we wouldnt have sent it. Were you able to find the songs on that yuotube video? did yuo watch it? Let me know if you can get the songs please!     

We had a baptism on Saturday, the coolest part, is the little kids birthday is June 30th, like mine, and we have been teaching his family for like 2 months now, and his parents are getting ready to get divorced with the people theyre married with now, and get married with eachother, so we are helping them there, but the little kid completed 8 years on saturday, and so we had his baptism which was awesome. He asked me to do it, which was so cool ,I got to baptize on my birthday! The picutres are pretty cool. We bought a cake and ice cream for both our birthdays and had a little birthday get to gether thing in the church after the baptism. It was pretty awesome. 

So you all remember the Family Almeida? The way awesome family we found,well they came to church again, and theyre all super excited to get baptized, except the 15 year old. On monday we went by, she didnt want to get baptized yet, so we assigned her a part in the book of mormon that talks a ton about baptism, and the impotance, and we went by on Thursday, without even starting the lesson, she said, "I read that part, I loved it, and I´m going to get baptized with my family" it was the coolest thing ever. It just showed me how powerful the Book of Mormon is, and how much it really can change our lives. It´s such an amazing aid to everyone, and I hope everyone is reading! We are also teaching that Bryan kid, He has 13 years and hes like a little pastor, bible mastor. Man he is always challenging us with our scriptures and all sorts of things like that, and he wants a big sign from God or hes not getting baptized, So thats pretty annoying of him to do that. But hes going to get baptized here in the next 2 weeks im sure.  For my birthday we got to eat with Mauricio and Sergio and their family , and it was a really fun day for me. All the members told me happy birthday and wished me a good day, and it was really cool.  Really good week! Hope everyone is well, and I love you all, thanks for all the support!

Oh, today we had Interviews with my mission presidente, and he told me something really cool, he looked and my missionary planner, and saw that i really like to write things down, and told me how cool that was, and that he admires that, and told me "The fadest ink is always better than the sharpest mind" I thought that was so cool. SO EVERYONE, WRITE THINGS DOWN SO YOU REMEMBER!! Love yuo all, thanks!

Elder Quynton Allsup

Posadas, Misiones  La Gran Mision Argentina Resistencia