Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 10,2013

June 10 2013

First pic is of the Lemon Pie that our investigator gave us at church


Second is of us eating the Pastelitos that a sister gave to us on saturday(we ended up eating 9 each that night.... it was a wreck but they were great) 


Third is of the BBQ that some members gave us on saturday, but a pretty different BBQ, what he´s serving there on the plate is actually large intestine. We ate a total of Heart, Kidney, Small intestine, and Large intestine... It was awesome, I loved them all to be honest. I will definitely keep that tradition going!


Fourth is of me and Elder Butta eating real american wings that we found some guy who does them, real BBQ hot wings... so good! His wife is actually from South carolina, and it was REALLY weird talking to her in english, especially with her thick southern accent, and she gave us chocolate chip cookies, so that was pretty awesome!


Hey Everyone! Pretty awesome week! On saturday some members invited us to something called a Parrillada, where they basically grill all sorts of awesome meat, and we went and ate Cow Heart, Intestine (large and small) and Kindey! It was delicious and I loved it so much. My companion had a hard time getting it all down, but it was awesome. Just watching his face was hilarious as he tried gulping down those pieces of meat. We also were able to have 12 lessons with a member and 20 other lessons, which is huge! We also found another 25 people to teach which is awesome! Here in Argentina, when we find 25 people, it doens´t necesarily mean that each of the 25 are progressing and we´ll keep teaching them. Most of them aren´t prepared yet, but those are hte amount of people we´ve taught, and had a lesson with. Me and Elder Butta are just doin´ work here now. I love it! The mission is just so much more enjoyable as we´re super diligent and obedient and things. Yesterday was awesome too, because we had 2 people in church, and one of the investigators that came is the daughter of the relief society president, which hadn´t been to church in like 2 years, and she never got baptized, so she´s pretty emotional about that, and it was really cool because quite a few missionaries had passed by the house, but she always really felt pressured and things, but we just took it easy, and got ot know her really well, and we just broke the ice really well with her, and she came to church and made us a lemon pie! Haha so in church she was carrying it around all day until she saw us, and then all the members were like begging us to open it, but we were saving it, so we had to hide it in Guillermo´s car which was pretty funny. But it was a delicious pie. On saturday another member gave us 18 pastelitos too, so we basically just murdered those when we got back to the pensh, and we both felt a little sick, but they were delicious. It´s basically a little fried pastry with like a type of jelly inside, and they´re awesome.  Yesterday we made spaghetti for Guillermo and Viviana and they really enjoyed that, so that was fun.  Lots of cool crazy stuff happened this week but it´s hard to think of it all right now sorry!  I don´t know what it is lately, but literally like every single house we go into gives us food! It´s awesome, but it´s hard not to just pound it all down and keep eating like crazy. Luckily we´re running in the morning and lifting a little with some little weights some other elders left in the pensh, so that´s good. But the zone is doing really good, and the weather is really nice lately. It´s finally cooling down, and at night it´s actually getting pretty cold, and in the morning when we go run it´s pretty freezing at first.  We´re teaching a lot of people right now, but we´re still searching to find those super prepared people that are just ready to accept everything, but I know it´s coming soon, I can just feel it! This week we´ve got a cool multi zone conference with 5 other zones and with Elder Zeballos, he´s from the 70 so that´s awesome, and we´re in charge to get everything ready! So that´s cool, and it´s gonna be awesome. I have been studying a lot about God´s plan for us lately, and it´s just so fascinating how much he loves us. It just blows my mind sometimes how many chances he gives us, and how much he wants us to succeed, and how willing he is to give us the success when we work hard. So keep working hard everyone, and don´t forget to pray and read your scriptures to find out what you need to do! I love you all, sorry for the really scrambled letter, have a great week!

 We have lunch pretty much every single day with members, and we eat enough that we don´t have to eat again basically until breakfast or at night i´ll just eat like a carrot or something

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3 2013

Hey everyone! Pretty calm week. Well as for a zone leader. We still had a ton of things, but it was pretty calm and we were able to really focus on our area, which was SUPER nice, after a few weeks of pretty crazy travels and things.  Me and Elder Butta are super awesome companions. We work extremely well together, which has been a huge blessing, and a lot of fun. He`s from Las Vegas Nevada, and he was in my MTC group, so we`ve got exactly the same time, and in the MTC we were already like best friends, and we are just working like crazy with teh members here, which has been awesome. Last night our land lord lady gave us a huge piece of cake... so that was awesome.  Also, an investigator invited us to eat lunch with him on saturday which worked out good because we didn`t have any members because we forgot to take our lunch thing to church. Also we started fasting on saturday and we literally received more food that day than I`ve ever gotten in my whole mission. Someone gave us 8 home made alfajors, another gave us 2 pieces of fried cake, and another gave us a loaf of bread... it was insane! And of course it jsut had to be on fasting day, but luckily we just told them we had just barely eaten and we were stuffed, and they let us take it all home and yesterday we just had a huge feast haha. On saturday as well, we were able to find a really cool family, called the family Parras, and the dad is actually a member, and we met with teh family, and one of their kids came to church yesterday, his name is Julian, and he seemed to like it, so we`re excited about that, and we`re gonna see if he`s able to progress!! We had a lot of really cool experiences yesterday as well, starting off with sacrament meeting, and in our ward, we actually have the stake patriarch, so we usually get a lot of people from the whole mission to come get their patriarchal blessings, and yesterday a man came from about an hour away, and he`s a convert of 4 months. He`s completely blind, and he came all dressed up perfectly, and as we walked in, he recognized how we talk as gringos, so he asked us to tie his tie for him, and he gave one of the most powerful testimonies in his testimony in the sacrament meeting, and it was really cool how excited he is to just be a member of the true church on the earth. It was a pretty big eye opener for me to see how greatful he was, and made me reflect a little bit of how big of a blessing it REALLY is to be a member of this church. Then after church we get a call from some of the sister missionaries in the zone,a dn one of them just got here like a week and a half ago, and she`s pretty shell shocked and she asked for a blessing, so we called President to get permission, and we were able to all go to the chapel in their area to give her a blessing. It was cool too, because Guillermo, my convert from here, is a taxi driver, so he took us and we went to the chapel and we asked himto stay to watch, and he loved it. It was difficult because I did it in english, and literally it was actualy very difficult to speak in english, so that was pretty interesting, and it really made me rely on the spirit, which was a cool experience. And then later last night we called and arranged a meeting with the stake president, so we left our area again to go have a meeting with him, because now the zone leaders have to have at least 1 meeting with him per month to talk about how the work is going in the stake, and it was really cool.  Just a really cool day, and really fun. This week we were able to have a ton of lessons as well, adn find a lot of people. We worked like crazy, and we found 25 new people to teach, and had almost 30 lessons, which is a pretty darn good week, and `we`re excited to just keep going! Hope everyone is good and has a wonderful week!! Con mucho amor, Elder Allsup

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 28 2013

May 28


This week was absolutely crazy, we had transfers again, and we had a
baptismal interview, which everytime someone is going to get baptized,
we have to go interview them to make sure that they`re ready, and so
we had to travel 3 hours away to go do the interview, and when we got
there, the girl wasn`t there! So we had to stay with the elders, and
work with them until we finally found her, and then I did the
interview which was awesome, she passed and it was all good and stuff,
but we didn`t get back in time for our bus, so we had to actually go
to another area of elders to help them out, and we slept on the floor
that night and we took a bus really early in the morning to travel
back to our area, which was just crazy! I also got a new companion,
and we were actually in the MTC together, and we get along great,
which is awesome and we`re really excited. I showed him a picture of
you and he says Hi, and that you`re super pretty,and wants to know if
you have any friends? Hahaha But the biggest thing I learned this
week: There is no sacrifice too big for the Lord. Even though we had
to do all that stuff, when I got done interviewing that girl, she was
SO happy and filled with joy that I was just ecstatic and really
excited for her, and it made it ALL worth it completely!  She was so
happy it was awesome. Our Entire zone changed though, and we had 2
white washes, which means when they take out the two elders that are
there, and replace them with 2 new elders, which happened 2 times in
the zone, and on top of that, they`re both sister missionaries now!
Which has been crazy. And we have to talk with the missionaries every
night, so it`s been weird talking with sister missionaries at night
now, but they`re both doing awesome and we`re super excited for them.
Our mission is basically being split, so as of right now i`m like 90%
chance of ending in this mission, not in Posadas, the other mission,
soi`m really excited about that.  3 Other areas in our zone are now
training missionaries too, which is crazy! We`re just full of awesome
new surprises in the zone which will be really fun.  This last
Saturday was Argentina`s independence day, so for a ward wehad an
activity, and the bishop bought 135 POUNDS of meat and grilled it all
up! I`ll send some pictures, it was crazy!! But really awesome! I have
never eaten so much meat in my life, but it was absolutely delicious.
Also yesterday we had Zone Leader councel, and my “Trunky Papers”
arrived, which all missionaries get when they`ve got 6 months left to
starty buying their plane tickets home and things so i`ll send a
picture of that too.  But it was a crazy week! Lots of changes, but
we`re way excited!! Thanks for all the support, have a great week!!!


Meat from the activity

Trunky Papers

Our Zone now!


May 20, 2013

May 20

Como están todos?! Everything is pretty good hear. We´ve had some pretty crazy things happen this week, but we´ve also had a really cool last few days. On thursday I did 6 baptismal interviews for our zone, which were AWESOME!! Me and Elder Weight are getting along GREAT, and we´ve actually got transfers tomorrow, so we´ll see what happens. These transfers decide if i´ll stay in this mission or if i´ll go to the other, so it´s gonna be really crazy. Me and Weight are hoping that we´re going to stay together, but we´ll just have to see what´s in store.  It´s starting to get really cold here now, which is weird, because last year it didn´t get cold until like August, but it´s already like 45 degrees, which is pretty rare. the people are saying it hasn´t been like this for a really long time. We had our ward mission activity on Friday night, and we played Jeapardy and had a BBQ which turned out great, and the members got really excited, I sent some pictures, and it was really fun.  It´s crazy, almost all the youth in our ward had their birthdays this week, so I was able to give away my basketball, my football, and my black and white watch to the youth that help us the most, Yesterday was really cool, I was able to give all those things away, and to see their faces was just priceless. I love it so much, the pictures should be there for you all to see. But we´re still working hard, so we´ll see what happens tomorrow night! I love you all, thanks for all the support, have a great week! 

Sorry I don´t really have time this week to write a letter, I got to talk with you all yesterday which was AWESOME and you all look great, so thank you, hope you enjoy the pictures, I love you all, and we are just working hard still!! Juñior went to church this week, so that was AWESOME. Keep praying for him so that he can get baptized! Have a great week, love you all


The first few are of me and Elder Weight, and when we ate like half a jar of Peanut Butter. We just destroyed it haha


The other one is with the mandarine oranges, the biggest i´ve ever seen in my life!


The others are of us in divisions with the office elders, I cooked them a food that my Peruvian compañion showed me and we all loved it!