Monday, August 26, 2013


But this week was a little normal, nothing crazy! We had divisions and I went to the Zone Leader`s area, and the zone leader I was with got SUPER sick, so I just stayed in the pension as he slept so that was kinda wierd. But I ate Pizza in  cone which was pretty different, but really good.  We played basketball again with teh youth of the branch. I encourage everyone to read 3 Nephi 7:18-22 and it`s so cool to know that WE know by the same exact power as the old prophets. Even Joseph smith didn`t get his testimony by seeing God and Jesus... But by the spirit.  3 Nephi 6:13-147 True conversion attributes. Cristian didnt get baptized, and to be honest we can`t find him, so that`s a little rough. He just like disappeared from his house, but we had 2 ladies come to church yesterday, some references from some members, so we`re super excited about that! I love you all thanks for everything!! Hope you like the pictures ! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


First photo: We cleaned out the baptismal font so we did some service for the chapel and we cleaned out a closet that was just hidious with old books and liahonas and things, and we found this HUGE BIBLE!!! It`s sweet. I wanted to keep it but felt bad, so we left it in the church hoping that we find someone that can`t read very little letters.

Second: Baptism of Javier Corvalan, and his family that we reactivated and are working on getting married!!

My camera died, so next week I`ll send lots of pictures, and the ones that weren`t able to be sent the last 2 weeks. Just to start out, something really cool that might help everyone is something I did yesterday in my studies. SIt down, and just start to think in the last year, how you have grown and changed. Take some time to reflect on how you have changed, what happened, and what you remember. Ponder on a few of the thigns that stand out to you most, and how you learned important things in certain circumstances.  Just sit and ponder, and WRITE it down as it comes to youI did it, and it was really cool to be able to see what experiences stood out to me most, and how i`ve grown as a person. 

This week was a little struggler for me, but just like always, it`s for our own good, and I learned and grew as a person.  We have been helping Cristian, the 16 year old kid we found looking for a less active family, and for some reason he just kind of stopped being excited to get baptized, which was really hard for me because he was progressing so well, even going to seminary and things, and we are still working with him. He came to church again so we`re still really excited, but we are going to see if we can`t baptize him this weekend. PLEASE pray for him, Remember him in your prayers.  We had transfers and nothing happened, so me and Elder Creer are together another 6 weeks, so we`re excited. I love this area a lot. THe members are so awesome. We have been helping a lot of the members that didn`t really get a hwole lot of visits because the city is so big, and we have been working with the Garcia family, and on thursday they actually gave us a whole pasta frola! It`s a huge dessert here and it`s the size of a large pizza in teh states, and it`s amazing. It is my absolute favorite dessert here, and the Hermana heard me I guess at lunch one time, so they decided to make us one, and that was a really cool experience for us.  My comp got an ingrown toe and tried to take it out himself, and of course just totally messed it up and it got way infected, so we`ve had to walk a little slower these last few days haha. The other day a member took us to one of her references, and we had a really powerful lesson with them. They are 3 people, Vanessa the mom, Diego the son of 17 years, and Ceci the daughter of 22 years and they seem like they are really prepared. Diego already said he`d go to seminary and things, so we`re excited about them, please pray for them too.  We`ve got quite a few baptisms lined up for the next few weeks so we`re really excited! Yesterday we asked permision to play basketball with all the youth of the branch, and we went ot play for a few hours, and it was a lot of fun to go play with them and for them to see a different side of us.  But we`re doing good. It`s finally warming up and getting hot again, so that`s good. But other than that it`s great. I really had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. I want everyone to know the reality, and truthfulness of the plan of salvation. Jesus Christ took part in EVERY single aspect, and he effected each part. I am so greatful for him and what he`s done in my life. He truly is our Savior. I finished reading Jesus the Christ and the book is absolutely amazing. I learned so much and it made me appreciate my Savior even more. I hope everyone can take a few minutes to really read more about the Savior and his life, and understand what it really is he did for us. 

I love each of you, thank you so much for your prayers and for your support. I hope all is well, and that eveyroen has a great week!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013


Pretty eventful week! We had a baptism!! I hope you can open the photos! If not let me know and i`ll go to a different computer next week and send you all the picutres from the last two weeks. But earlier in the week Elder Creer is still getting used to the food, well not really the food, more the quantity of food. So he actually threw up 2 different times after lunch because of how much we ate haha, so that was pretty nuts.  We had a ton of new people this week and a ton of lessons, which has been awesome. I`ve never just gone and done so much work in my whole mission. We`re like running to charlas it feels like, which is awesome. The youth of the branch are getting super excited too, becaues we`ve been asking them to come with us pretty much every single day we have a different youth coming with us, and they are loving it. I love this place so much... It reminds me of Alma 17:23... Look it up!  But we had Javier`s baptism, and it was great. We made sugar cookies to let everyone try and they all loved them with the frosting and stuff, so that was fun to do something differnt for them.  Yesterday that other kid we`re teaching came to church again, so we`re hoping he`ll get baptized this weekend and have back to back baptisms!! Wooo! But on Wednesday after our day, walking back to the pension there is a famous ice cream place that had a deal of 3 liters of icecream for like 40$ pesos no mas! so of course we bought it, and the girl working gave us free coupons for a free icecream cake, so we got 5.5 pounds of icecream for like 8 bucks, and my companion is the one who bought all that, so as we were walking out I just couldn`t resist, and I bought it too, and we ate basically all of it. So since wednesday we have eaten a total of 11 pounds of icecream between the two of us.... Pretty nuts. But I love it. We`ve been running in the morning too which is awesome, and some day swe go play basketball at a school near our pension, but it`s just freezing sometimes int eh morning. But i`m about to finish Jesus the Christ too. Im about 1 and a half hours away from finishing it, and i`m super stoked, I love that book so much.  But everything is going great, and we are just enjoying this amazing place so much, and wokring our guts out. I hope the pictures work! Thanks for everything. I wrote Tean and it is so wierd thinking that we`re doing the exact same thing everyday! I love you all, have a great week! 

First photo: We cleaned out the baptismal font so we did some service for the chapel and we cleaned out a closet that was just hidious with old books and liahonas and things, and we found this HUGE BIBLE!!! It`s sweet. I wanted to keep it but felt bad, so we left it in the church hoping that we find someone that can`t read very little letters.

Second: Baptism of Javier Corvalan, and his family that we reactivated and are working on getting married!!

Third: Me and my Comp Elder Creer, and the kid that got baptized and his awesome little brother that I just love to death, that little kid is so hilarious

Fourth Us and Javier coming out of the water

Fifth: Me and Tiago

Sixth: Me and Comp with the free icecream cakes that we got!

Seventh: me and my comp each Finished 5 1/2 pounds of icrecream each since wednesday!

Eight: So much icecream!! Loved it

(Pictures still not downloading...hopefully next week)

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5 2013

Photo 1, me and my kid trying to warm up a little bit a few nights ago with some home made spaghetti

Photo 2 My kid cut my hair shorter than it`s ever been in my whole life!

Photo 3 Me and the other elders after a District Meeting eating some icecream

Photo 4 Me and my kid made an Asado (BBQ) argentine style but we marinated the meat for the whole night with the potatoes and it turned out delicious, we did it Yesterday, and we made a homemade marinade that`s called Chimichurri that a member taught me, can`t wait to make it for you all

Photo 5 me and him eating Torta Frita (Fried Cake) It`s one of the desserts here that they sell on the street, and it`s amazing with Dulce de Leche (The carmel type sauce that they eat) 
   ( note from mom - pictures did not come through internet so hopefully they will come next week!)
Hey everyone, not a whole lot happened this week, but i`m sending some pictures to you, hope you like them, this internet today is awful so it was hard to choose the pics, hope they turn out okay.  I am just a few days away from finishing Jesus The Christ, the book, and it`s awesome, I love it so much. I`ve learned so much it`s crazy.  We are hoping that Javier gets baptized this weekend, we`re going to go talk to them tonight so we`re way excited, and they came to church yesterday which was really cool, so i`m glad.

The other day getting off one of the busses, I immediately asked a person directions, and as I`m talking the people start freaking out and looking behind me, and I turn around to my companion on the ground, missing a shoe, his backpack all over the place and his agenda all spread out, and I just look at him and he gets up and starts yelling at the bus to open up, and I realized that as he was getting off, the door closed on him, and his shoe stayed inside... hahaha oh man it was one of the funniest things i`ve ever seen. I felt a little bad, but it was kinda like my first night when I fell in the sewer and got all discustingly dirty from all the sewer crap and stuff... A little different, but the life of a new missionary is just hilarious.  I love the mission so much. I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!