Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5 2013

Photo 1, me and my kid trying to warm up a little bit a few nights ago with some home made spaghetti

Photo 2 My kid cut my hair shorter than it`s ever been in my whole life!

Photo 3 Me and the other elders after a District Meeting eating some icecream

Photo 4 Me and my kid made an Asado (BBQ) argentine style but we marinated the meat for the whole night with the potatoes and it turned out delicious, we did it Yesterday, and we made a homemade marinade that`s called Chimichurri that a member taught me, can`t wait to make it for you all

Photo 5 me and him eating Torta Frita (Fried Cake) It`s one of the desserts here that they sell on the street, and it`s amazing with Dulce de Leche (The carmel type sauce that they eat) 
   ( note from mom - pictures did not come through internet so hopefully they will come next week!)
Hey everyone, not a whole lot happened this week, but i`m sending some pictures to you, hope you like them, this internet today is awful so it was hard to choose the pics, hope they turn out okay.  I am just a few days away from finishing Jesus The Christ, the book, and it`s awesome, I love it so much. I`ve learned so much it`s crazy.  We are hoping that Javier gets baptized this weekend, we`re going to go talk to them tonight so we`re way excited, and they came to church yesterday which was really cool, so i`m glad.

The other day getting off one of the busses, I immediately asked a person directions, and as I`m talking the people start freaking out and looking behind me, and I turn around to my companion on the ground, missing a shoe, his backpack all over the place and his agenda all spread out, and I just look at him and he gets up and starts yelling at the bus to open up, and I realized that as he was getting off, the door closed on him, and his shoe stayed inside... hahaha oh man it was one of the funniest things i`ve ever seen. I felt a little bad, but it was kinda like my first night when I fell in the sewer and got all discustingly dirty from all the sewer crap and stuff... A little different, but the life of a new missionary is just hilarious.  I love the mission so much. I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all! 

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