Monday, August 26, 2013


But this week was a little normal, nothing crazy! We had divisions and I went to the Zone Leader`s area, and the zone leader I was with got SUPER sick, so I just stayed in the pension as he slept so that was kinda wierd. But I ate Pizza in  cone which was pretty different, but really good.  We played basketball again with teh youth of the branch. I encourage everyone to read 3 Nephi 7:18-22 and it`s so cool to know that WE know by the same exact power as the old prophets. Even Joseph smith didn`t get his testimony by seeing God and Jesus... But by the spirit.  3 Nephi 6:13-147 True conversion attributes. Cristian didnt get baptized, and to be honest we can`t find him, so that`s a little rough. He just like disappeared from his house, but we had 2 ladies come to church yesterday, some references from some members, so we`re super excited about that! I love you all thanks for everything!! Hope you like the pictures ! 

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