Monday, April 23, 2012


Primero - We made huge sub sandwiches the saturday because
we didn´t have a member to give us food (They Cancelled)
Secundo - Me eating a mango that some little kid gave me off
the street, as we are planning our Ward Activity
Tercero - The super sweet Rugby Jersey I bought
Cuarto - Also the super sweet Rugby Jersey I bought
Cinto - A picture of my group after they blew all that flour
off to get their next clue!
Sexto - A Picture of the scorpion we found in the pension!
Septimo - A Picture of the Flour!
Tance, I know you´re going to be Jealous of that Jersey,
it´s so awesome

Hey Everyone! Como Andan?
My companion
right now is fairly hard working, but i´m making him a hard worker. He came
from a really rough area, but I´m showing him that´s not an excuse to not work
hard. But things are a lot better than before. We kinda fought a little bit
before, because he´d want to do something, and I´d want to do the other, and
i´m so stubborn I would get really angry, and then we´d end up just basically
not talking for a little while and it´d be kinda awkward, but now we´re
starting to work really well as a team and we don´t have anymore problems after
working them all out. He has a year and
2 months, and it´s a little hard, because he´s actually asking me questions for
his castellano, which is a little crazy that I speak a little better than he
does with a year and 2 months, but it´s working well because he knows A LOT
about the gospel and history and stuff, so it´s interesting to teach each other
in different ways.

Sounds Like
Havasu was really fun! It´s great to hear that everyone was really helpful and
did really well! The pictures look like you had a blast! Can´t wait to go with
you all the next time! Thank you all for
the letters and things everyone sends me. This week was pretty tough, but with
all the support it really really helped me out.
I´ve got a few pictures that I´ll send in a second email after this one
of some fun things we did this week. Is
Dahl still living at hte house? How´s all the extended family doing? Here it´s starting to get a lot cooler during
the day, and at night it´s actually pretty cold, which is kind of a relief
because that heat was really getting old.

On Friday we had an activity of the ward that
us 4 missionaries put on and it was a blast. We did a scavenger hunt in the
church and in the yard outside and they had to find the clues, and on the next
clue was a scripture with some kind of object or something that they had to
begin to look for, and it was hilarious! We had some little games too at some
of the objects, like one, the little paper they had to find was in a bowl, with
a ton of flour on top, and they could only blow to get rid of all the flour,
and the first blow would just destroy everything with flour. I mean in got
EVERYWHERE and it was hilarious! The bishop, his councelors, and all the little
kids´ faces were just pure white for the rest of the game. Oh it was so funny,
I´ll try to include a picture. Another one we had that I thought of right
before we started the activity, we went and printed off some Lyrics to I´m a
child of god, in english, and one of the objects was under a hymn book, and I
made my group sing I´m a Child of God in English, and I don´t think i´ve ever
laughed so hard in my life! Because some of the people in my group would laugh
when I messed up my castellano when I first arrived in Argentina and now they
were trying to sing in English, and after I was just like, "It´s not so
easy is it!!" hahaha ah it was awesome. But we had a few investigators
show up, and a lot of recent converts and things like that, and it turned out
really well for us all, and it gave me some really good ideas for the rest of
my mission too.
Right now it´s a
little difficult for us, because before, with Elder Taylor we didn´t really
ever have to clap any houses because the members just had so many references,
but now we´re kinda running out of references from the members, so we´re having
to clap more houses and get creative to find the people that are looking for
us, but we´re still pressing on. Also, some college girls moved in next to us
in our pension, so now we have to move, but luckily the pension right next to
the other Elders in our area just moved out yesterday, so we´re going to move
in right next to them, so that´ll be fun I think, i´m pretty excited. On Sunday
we made Tacos, because my companion´s mom sent him some taco mix to make tacos,
and the other Elder from Buenos Aires never had eaten a Taco before. Beleive it
or not, the majority of the people hear have never even heard of what a Taco,
Burrito, or Tortilla really are. The food is really far from Mexico, which
really surprised me, and yesterday with the Tacos we made was the first spicy
thing i´ve eaten here! Pretty cool. Has
anyone read the book Our Heritage before? I started it at the beginning of the
week and finished it a few days ago because I loved it so much that I read it
really quickly. It´s the history of the Church, and it´s a really good book,
with a lot of really cool teachings, you should read it.

Luis Velazquez, the
investigator we found like my first week here, he is really changing a lot, and
now his wife is actually listening to us, because this last week we watched The
Testaments with them, that really awesome movie we watched as a family a long
time ago. That movie gave me my first really sure testimony of Jesus Christ,
and I know that family felt the spirit as we watched it, and the kids were all
laughing at the little monkey and the other funny parts. It´s really cool to
see the changes in people as they read and as they ponder the Book of
Mormon. It builds my testimony a lot as
I watch these regular, normal people begin to change their lives because of a
book that they started to read, that gives them these feelings they´ve never
felt before. It´s pretty amazing.

THanks for everything, hope everyone is
doing well! I´m sure everyone is getting excited to end school here pretty
soon, which is crazy to think in a few months my little brother will be
graduating, my other little brother will be driving, and my little sister is
going to be a freshman! It´s so crazy thinking about all of that! But I love
you all, thanks for everything! Nos Vemos, Chau Chau

Elder Quynton Allsup
Posadas, Misiones
La Gran Mission: Argentina Resistencia

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola a todos!

Last week I bought an authentic Argentina Rugby Jersey that
I forgot to take a picture of so next week i´ll show you. It´s so awesome!
Serious it´s one of the coolest things i´ve ever boughten. Also I bought a hand
blender. It´s so great. It´s light weight so I can take it area to area and I
use it to blend so many things! Eggs, smoothies, milk, everything! So I need
some ideas that I can use it for! This week I gave all the kids that got
baptized their CTR rings, and all of them wanted the ones in ingles which was
pretty funny. They all really love them, and they don´t take them off, or
haven´t lost them yet which is really awesome! Some of the kids it really meant
a lot to them.

I got my new Companion this week too. He´s from Pason Utah,
another Gringo. As of wednesday he got really sick supposedly and we haven´t
really worked much and it´s really really really frustrating. I really want to
get out and leave but he kinda lazies around in his bed until I tell him we
need to go and get a little serious with him. He also is really messy. These
next few weeks are going to be pretty challenging I think, but he´s supposed to
be my companion so i´m not going to complain. He came from one of the hardest
areas in the mission, and I dont´know if it really was that hard, or if it´s
just because he seems lazy to me. I´ve learned a lot of patience in the mission
so far, whereas before I definitely would have killed him by now. But it´s a
little hard because I am having to do everything by myself right now and he´s
not really helping, but i´m going to make that change.

On Thursday I was showing him around the area, and it was a
pretty dark, gloomy day, it had just rained and we are walking along side of a
big thing of reeds. As we are walking in this dirt road part, to our right the
big weeds and we needed to cross to get back to the pension and it was night
time so we didn´t see very well. Anyways we were trying to hurry, and I started
to cross into the reeds part, little did I know it was the sewer, and I
actually fell in, both legs into this huge sewer of literally poop.....But the
big weeds made it look like it was dry ground so I had no idea. But anyways I´m
sitting there, and it starts to smell worse than probably anything i´ve ever
smelt in my life, and I can just feel my legs getting literally poopy and
disgusting, so I´m hurrying out of the thing and I get out, and my legs are
just dripping with all this nasty mud, crap, and who knows what else, and
everything was so stinky. It was awful, and I have yet to know if my pants are
ruined, or if i´m just going to give up on trying to clean them.

Then Yesterday, I was moving my desk and cleaning up a
little, and all of a sudden, I moved my umbrella, and a scorpion falls on my
lap! A scorpion! It was pretty tiny, but still it freaked me out, so i flicked
it off and then we played with it a little and then we killed it in the
yard. I didn´t even know that scorpions
existed, let alone could be found inside. So now I check my shoes and everything
before I put them on, but what I heard is that if you find a little one, there
is a big one around too, either the mom, or a dad or somthing, and i´ve yet to
find that one, so i´m a little worried still with that one. But that was so
surprising. Also we saw some guy crash on his motorcycle the other day, I dont
remember if I told you or not, but he was going pretty fast, and his helmet
flew off and he started sommersaulting in the air and it was so crazy, and we
went to help him, and he has some pretty big gashes on his arms and legs, but he
was okay from what I saw.

Crazy experiences this week! I love you all thanks for
everything. I´m praying for everyone, and if anyone needs anything just let me
know if i can help. Nos Vemos

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Como Andan todos?

THis week has been pretty crazy. We had another 3 baptisms,
the family Gonzalves, the little girl that looks like she´s about 5 is who I
call Lilo, and this family is really cool, i´ll have my companion tell you
about them when he comes to the house. We´ve had so many baptisms and the font
drain doesn´t work, so we´ve used the same water for 3 weeks, but this week it
smelt horrible and had tons of bugs and stuff, so we had to change it all, so
Saturday morning we had to wake up really early and go bucket the water out,
and it was pretty crazy. It was actually pretty fun though.

With conference weekend we´ve had some crazy schedules but
all worked out pretty well. Sorry this email isn´t too long, i´ve had a lot of
problems with this computer and it´s not working very well. The conference was
really awesome though, and it was reallly helpful to alot of things I was
looking for and some questions I had beforehand made. Did you see that the MTC
choir sang? That´s pretty cool I think they they did that. It was cool that it
talked a lot about missionaries, and it was cool because the scripture by
Quentin L. Cook was a scripture that I use a lot with my investigators, the one
that says beleive in CHrist.

Oh and my Companion leaves for his house this week, but he
said that he would come over to our house and have dinner with you guys, which
I think it would be really awesome to have Josh and Charli go too, and he can
explain all the pictures and all the photos and stories that I haven´t been
able to explain because of the computer issues. His name is Casey Taylor, and
i´m giving him you´re number mom so he can shoot you a call or text, but please
make sure you do this. He├ęs really
awesome and I look up to him a lot. I think it´d be fun if you got all the
pictures i´ve sent and stuff, and i told him to take all the pictures he´s got
of us and if you all had dinner with Josh and Charli and watched the pictures
or soemthing would be really fun and really cool for everyone.

ALso, there is a talk called "What I want my Grandson
to know before he leaves on his mission" by James E. Faust, April 6 1996
it´s awesome, I want Tean and Tance to read it, Elder Taylor showed it to me.
Next week we won´t have to go to the main city so we´ll be with better
computers, so I´ll include the list of what I want in my package, thanks. How
is everyone doing? How come the siblings aren´t emailing me? Tance and Sawyer?
And is the blog working pretty well? I hope so. THanks for all the support from
everyone. I love you all, have a great week!