Saturday, April 7, 2012


Como Andan todos?

THis week has been pretty crazy. We had another 3 baptisms,
the family Gonzalves, the little girl that looks like she´s about 5 is who I
call Lilo, and this family is really cool, i´ll have my companion tell you
about them when he comes to the house. We´ve had so many baptisms and the font
drain doesn´t work, so we´ve used the same water for 3 weeks, but this week it
smelt horrible and had tons of bugs and stuff, so we had to change it all, so
Saturday morning we had to wake up really early and go bucket the water out,
and it was pretty crazy. It was actually pretty fun though.

With conference weekend we´ve had some crazy schedules but
all worked out pretty well. Sorry this email isn´t too long, i´ve had a lot of
problems with this computer and it´s not working very well. The conference was
really awesome though, and it was reallly helpful to alot of things I was
looking for and some questions I had beforehand made. Did you see that the MTC
choir sang? That´s pretty cool I think they they did that. It was cool that it
talked a lot about missionaries, and it was cool because the scripture by
Quentin L. Cook was a scripture that I use a lot with my investigators, the one
that says beleive in CHrist.

Oh and my Companion leaves for his house this week, but he
said that he would come over to our house and have dinner with you guys, which
I think it would be really awesome to have Josh and Charli go too, and he can
explain all the pictures and all the photos and stories that I haven´t been
able to explain because of the computer issues. His name is Casey Taylor, and
i´m giving him you´re number mom so he can shoot you a call or text, but please
make sure you do this. He├ęs really
awesome and I look up to him a lot. I think it´d be fun if you got all the
pictures i´ve sent and stuff, and i told him to take all the pictures he´s got
of us and if you all had dinner with Josh and Charli and watched the pictures
or soemthing would be really fun and really cool for everyone.

ALso, there is a talk called "What I want my Grandson
to know before he leaves on his mission" by James E. Faust, April 6 1996
it´s awesome, I want Tean and Tance to read it, Elder Taylor showed it to me.
Next week we won´t have to go to the main city so we´ll be with better
computers, so I´ll include the list of what I want in my package, thanks. How
is everyone doing? How come the siblings aren´t emailing me? Tance and Sawyer?
And is the blog working pretty well? I hope so. THanks for all the support from
everyone. I love you all, have a great week!

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