Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Fotos: First one is of me and Elder Posadas, one of the elders in the other room connected to ours, hes from El Salvador, and he came to this area with me, so weve been together for like 5 months now and were pretty good amigos now! Hes awesome we always play around, we set up a hammock in the room and were playing around on it!

Second is of us at lunch with a member that feeds us every other week, but they dont eat because they feed us because theyre so poor, theyre so awesome.

Third is us doing service for Luis and his family, he needed to put in a big gate and were helping him move a lot of dirt for it, it was pretty fun!

Fourth is service too

Fifth is us at the baptism with Sergio,we had a double baptism with the other elders!

 Sixth is the same as 5, hope you enjoy them all!

This week was pretty fun, but fairly rough at the same time. If you guys remember Blanca? She was about to get baptized and a few days before we found out she was going to go live with some guy, remember? ANyways this whole last 2 weeks weve been calling like crazy and passing by the house to try to get a hold of her, only to find out she actually moved out and basically fled off with the husband of her next door neighbor...... The worst part is, is that shes 25 years old, and the neighbor is...... 58!!! We couldnt beleive it.... Its pretty sad though because we cant get a hold of her at all, and she is completely gone for now at least.  But some fun news is that weve started a war with the other elders, and ill be teaching, and open my bag to get my scriptures and ill find Something crazy in my bag, like 2 days ago there was bug spray, and yesterday there was a spatula, and im sure today ill find like a live cockroach or something haha. But its pretty fun to mess around a little with them like that. 

How is everyone doing? Suonds like everyone is having fun! Sounds like Tean had fun with his graduation and his dances and stuff! Is he excited to graduate? Tance sounds like hes doing well in his sports and thats too bad he couldnt play last game, im sure they would have won with him. And sawyer sounds like youre just kinda going with the flow! But you better not get a boyfriend, or ill fly myself home to kick his butt.. Mom and Dad, anything new? Sounds like memorial day should be fun! These past few days have been the independence day for Argentina, so the street has been pretty crazy with a lot of music and stuff, but its a lot of fun!  Other than that not a whole lot is going on! Ive been experimenting a lot with food these past few days. Today I made pancake batter but I fried it in oil, and then put some sugar on it, oh it was amazing! Its really fun to learn how to make things like that, especially because the other elders are from El Salvador, and the other is from Uruguay, so we all have awesome recipes to contribute.  Im learning to cook a lot from the members too, which is pretty fun.  Ill have a lot of good recipes to ake when I get back.

Oh my companion got sick again, and the Mission presidents wife made him do an analysis so hes had to poop in a bag for the last week and keep it in a little plastic cup. Pretty gross but I laugh so hard everytime I hear that bag whiggling around in the bathroom. Its so funny. Weird but its the mission life! Also, last night we met a person thats super super adventista, a really popular church that was started from a lady that was the secratary of Joseph Smith and she had a dream telling her Joseph was wrong, so she decided to be a prophet, anyways its really almost exactly like our church beecause she took all the teachings of Joseph Smith and its really popoular here,but its so much like ours that the people are really nice, anyways we found one last night, and hes super nice, and he gave us 3 HUGE garbage bags full of cookies! Because here there is a line of a brand of cookies thats really popular and the adventistas are the ones who run it, and theyre amazing, I always buy them, but he gave us so many!!! He also gave us an adventista bible and one of his adventista books, so now well know how to destroy them even more.  And it was so awesome! I almost got baptized adventista because he was so nice and shared so many cookies with us! Haha not really.

This last sunday was really cool, because Mauricios family, and Sergio, which is Mauricios older brother, well their mom has been a member for like 20 years, but she hasnt come to church for a long time, so on monday, this last monday, I told them I had a goal for them, that I wanted to see all of them in the church at the same time, because she hadnt seen mauricio pass the sacrament yet, and I committed them to all be in the church at the same time, they whined a little but said yes, and yesterday they were all there! It was so cool, and tonight we have a meeting wih them, im really excited to see how the mom liked it. Shes so awesome, she helps us so much.

There was some other stuff I was going to tell you but I forgot what I had written on my little paper in the pension, so Ill have to share it next week.

THanks for everthing everyone, stay strong and I love you all!!

Love Elder Allsup

PS.  Yeah I get milk here, and its not too bad, but it comes either in a bag of 1 liter, or in a box of one liter, its pretty funny looking but its not too bad tasting or anything! I do miss goat milk a lot!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 14, 2012

Hey I don´t have pretty much any time, these computers haven´t worked really at all, so i´ll send the pictures in another email if i have time.

Just a few things really quick. Dad- How was my castellano? I speak better than that. It was really hot in the booth and I felt rushed because there were people behind me. I speak better than that. But hopefully you got to see that i´ve improved pretty quickly.  It was really good to talk to everyone! Everyone sounds really good!  Mom will you please send me some EFY songs, a lot if you can, especially the years I went. One is ´´Steady and Sure´´ and the other has Purify in the name I think, i´m not sure, but if you could figure out that would be amazing.  Also if you could send me 2 mini books of mormon in english, the really really mini ones.  Also a copy of Elder Uchdtorfs Talk in genereral priesthood session this last session.  Here are some of the pictures, I´ll send more next week, this computer really doesn´t work very well. I love you all, and I might get transfered! I´m pretty excited! I love you thanks for everything.  I´ll include the pictures next week of more details. The ones that are there are of my Elephant speaker, oh and Sergio is going to cut his hair! I gave him one of my white shirts and ties and now he wants to cut his hair and stuff for the priesthood! It´s really cool. That family gave me like a ton of cool stuff i´ll show you next week. Sergio cut one of his dread locks off for me and gave it to me! But don´t worry i washed it! haha Love you all, Nos Vemos next week!

Love Elder Allsup

May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey Everyone

This week was pretty good. It´s a little nerve racking because I may get transferred to a different area, not this tuesday but the next, and we have a baptisms planned for this Saturday, so we´re really trying to work hard to prepare him. His name is Sergio, and he´s like 22 years old, and the older brother of Mauricio, the little kid that got baptized the other week, and he wants to change, so he came and found us about 3 weeks ago. Our investigators that are really close to baptism right now are: Blanca, she´s 24 and pregnant, and we just got a little lucky by finding her, but she´s progressing pretty good. She´s got a lot of doubts about some wierd things, but she told us, "I always feel so calm and feel really good when you guys come over" and now she´s getting a good testimony of the Book of Mormon and things like that, and it´s working out to be really good. She´s really really nice, and she´s had a pretty crazy life. But I know she´ll get baptized. Our new Pension is really fun, because it´s with the other elders, and we´re all together, so you can imagine that it´s pretty fun and we´re always having a good time.  The weather here is getting a little bit cooler. During the day it´s finally starting to be pretty nice, and a little breezy every once in a while, but other than that it´s still a little hot. Today we went to centro, and I bought some pretty cool things, I´ll send some pictures next week. 

That´s cool that you are going to be able to work in the Temple again. I know how much you loved it. Mom thanks for always sending me insight, and all the things you send me. You always know what people need and you always give the encouragement for what people need, and you always listen to the spirit. Thank you so much for always doing that and always helping me in your emails. Dad thanks for always giving advice. You always give such great advice that is somehow always something i´ve been thinking about lately or something that I´ve needed to help me to help others. You´re always so aware of people around you and I´m so greatful you taught me that.

These pictures are of us today in front of Paraguay, across behind the water is Paraguay, and the huge river, when we come back to visit this place we are going to go fishing in it, it´s pretty awesome. Oh and us messing around in the pension, and a huge spider we found.

This week we have had to clap doors for pretty much the first time in my mission. We had to clap for about 2 hours the other day, and that was pretty awful, It really drains you having people just say no a ton and walking all day. We also had a Noche de Hogar again, and we had a lot of the little kids there which was pretty fun. We had 13 candles, and we turned off the lights and stuff and we lit all the candles and said that they represent the prophet and his 12 apostles, and then we explained the apostasy and how all the candles got blown out, leaving the world in darkness. It was a pretty cool idea we came up with and each of the little kids got to blow a candle out to participate. Also we have been helping the members out a lot lately, which is really fun to do, and it´s going to be really hard to leave this place with how attached i´m getting to the members, so I hope I don´t leave quite yet. Plus me and my companion have worked a lot of things out. We´re really growing to love eachother, and i´ve really had to humble myself a lot, which really helped me. I had to learn that it´s okay to let other people do things their way for a little while.  He´s taught me a lot of things, and it´s pretty miraculous to see how the Lord works. Even though i´ve seen that a lot in my mission, it still surprises me every time.

I love you all, and i´ll talk to you on Sunday, thanks for everything, Hope all is well!

Elder Quynton Allsup

Posadas, Misiones

Argentina Resistencia Mission

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


FOTOnumero 1, We moved our pension, and this shower doesnt let me turn around all the way because its so small.

Number 2 When we made tacos the other sunday!

Numero 3 Just some of us playing around!

Same with4

Same with 5 with my other companion Elder Taylor

           Hola everyone. I get to call the 13 of May! Not too long!! Should be pretty cool! Im excited.  Thanks everyone for the emails. Mom thanks for all your awesome experiences to help give me motivation. It really helps to hear other peoples testimonies, because I am always giving mine all day long and I actually dont hear them that often.  All the cool stories are great to hear also.

          Dad thanks for your email, I always really look forward to the advice you give me.  This week was pretty rough, we moved our pension this monday, so that is the reason we couldnt email, sorry, but we are right next to the other elders haha its apretty fun time. I am including a picture with all the books of mormon with all the languages that we have in this mission. English, Castellano, Guatanee, and Portuguese. Its pretty cool to see how many are used. Also a picture with Mauricio, our little stud convert, who just got a calling to be 2nd councelor in his deacons quorum. When we told him he said "Does that mean I get to come with you guys to preach the gospel??!" It was the coolest thing ever. We take him to lessons with us too. He keeps saying how bad he wants to meet Sawyer. haha But I told him maybe when he learns english. So now he wants to learn english haha.  But hes such a stud. I have come really close to him and his family.

         ALso there is a picture of me on a stage. Yesterday we had a talent show in the church, and me and Elder Posadas, the other elder from El Salvador taught a "mock lesson" for the talent show and the investigator was a member who pretended to be drunk and it was hilarious. We got a lot of laughs out of it! The bishop is the other guy, and the one in the jersey is the mock investigator. It was really fun.  Sorry    I dont have much time to write but i hope you all like the pictures, I love you all tell everyone hi for me!