Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey Everyone

This week was pretty good. It´s a little nerve racking because I may get transferred to a different area, not this tuesday but the next, and we have a baptisms planned for this Saturday, so we´re really trying to work hard to prepare him. His name is Sergio, and he´s like 22 years old, and the older brother of Mauricio, the little kid that got baptized the other week, and he wants to change, so he came and found us about 3 weeks ago. Our investigators that are really close to baptism right now are: Blanca, she´s 24 and pregnant, and we just got a little lucky by finding her, but she´s progressing pretty good. She´s got a lot of doubts about some wierd things, but she told us, "I always feel so calm and feel really good when you guys come over" and now she´s getting a good testimony of the Book of Mormon and things like that, and it´s working out to be really good. She´s really really nice, and she´s had a pretty crazy life. But I know she´ll get baptized. Our new Pension is really fun, because it´s with the other elders, and we´re all together, so you can imagine that it´s pretty fun and we´re always having a good time.  The weather here is getting a little bit cooler. During the day it´s finally starting to be pretty nice, and a little breezy every once in a while, but other than that it´s still a little hot. Today we went to centro, and I bought some pretty cool things, I´ll send some pictures next week. 

That´s cool that you are going to be able to work in the Temple again. I know how much you loved it. Mom thanks for always sending me insight, and all the things you send me. You always know what people need and you always give the encouragement for what people need, and you always listen to the spirit. Thank you so much for always doing that and always helping me in your emails. Dad thanks for always giving advice. You always give such great advice that is somehow always something i´ve been thinking about lately or something that I´ve needed to help me to help others. You´re always so aware of people around you and I´m so greatful you taught me that.

These pictures are of us today in front of Paraguay, across behind the water is Paraguay, and the huge river, when we come back to visit this place we are going to go fishing in it, it´s pretty awesome. Oh and us messing around in the pension, and a huge spider we found.

This week we have had to clap doors for pretty much the first time in my mission. We had to clap for about 2 hours the other day, and that was pretty awful, It really drains you having people just say no a ton and walking all day. We also had a Noche de Hogar again, and we had a lot of the little kids there which was pretty fun. We had 13 candles, and we turned off the lights and stuff and we lit all the candles and said that they represent the prophet and his 12 apostles, and then we explained the apostasy and how all the candles got blown out, leaving the world in darkness. It was a pretty cool idea we came up with and each of the little kids got to blow a candle out to participate. Also we have been helping the members out a lot lately, which is really fun to do, and it´s going to be really hard to leave this place with how attached i´m getting to the members, so I hope I don´t leave quite yet. Plus me and my companion have worked a lot of things out. We´re really growing to love eachother, and i´ve really had to humble myself a lot, which really helped me. I had to learn that it´s okay to let other people do things their way for a little while.  He´s taught me a lot of things, and it´s pretty miraculous to see how the Lord works. Even though i´ve seen that a lot in my mission, it still surprises me every time.

I love you all, and i´ll talk to you on Sunday, thanks for everything, Hope all is well!

Elder Quynton Allsup

Posadas, Misiones

Argentina Resistencia Mission

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