Wednesday, May 2, 2012


FOTOnumero 1, We moved our pension, and this shower doesnt let me turn around all the way because its so small.

Number 2 When we made tacos the other sunday!

Numero 3 Just some of us playing around!

Same with4

Same with 5 with my other companion Elder Taylor

           Hola everyone. I get to call the 13 of May! Not too long!! Should be pretty cool! Im excited.  Thanks everyone for the emails. Mom thanks for all your awesome experiences to help give me motivation. It really helps to hear other peoples testimonies, because I am always giving mine all day long and I actually dont hear them that often.  All the cool stories are great to hear also.

          Dad thanks for your email, I always really look forward to the advice you give me.  This week was pretty rough, we moved our pension this monday, so that is the reason we couldnt email, sorry, but we are right next to the other elders haha its apretty fun time. I am including a picture with all the books of mormon with all the languages that we have in this mission. English, Castellano, Guatanee, and Portuguese. Its pretty cool to see how many are used. Also a picture with Mauricio, our little stud convert, who just got a calling to be 2nd councelor in his deacons quorum. When we told him he said "Does that mean I get to come with you guys to preach the gospel??!" It was the coolest thing ever. We take him to lessons with us too. He keeps saying how bad he wants to meet Sawyer. haha But I told him maybe when he learns english. So now he wants to learn english haha.  But hes such a stud. I have come really close to him and his family.

         ALso there is a picture of me on a stage. Yesterday we had a talent show in the church, and me and Elder Posadas, the other elder from El Salvador taught a "mock lesson" for the talent show and the investigator was a member who pretended to be drunk and it was hilarious. We got a lot of laughs out of it! The bishop is the other guy, and the one in the jersey is the mock investigator. It was really fun.  Sorry    I dont have much time to write but i hope you all like the pictures, I love you all tell everyone hi for me! 

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