Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 14, 2012

Hey I don´t have pretty much any time, these computers haven´t worked really at all, so i´ll send the pictures in another email if i have time.

Just a few things really quick. Dad- How was my castellano? I speak better than that. It was really hot in the booth and I felt rushed because there were people behind me. I speak better than that. But hopefully you got to see that i´ve improved pretty quickly.  It was really good to talk to everyone! Everyone sounds really good!  Mom will you please send me some EFY songs, a lot if you can, especially the years I went. One is ´´Steady and Sure´´ and the other has Purify in the name I think, i´m not sure, but if you could figure out that would be amazing.  Also if you could send me 2 mini books of mormon in english, the really really mini ones.  Also a copy of Elder Uchdtorfs Talk in genereral priesthood session this last session.  Here are some of the pictures, I´ll send more next week, this computer really doesn´t work very well. I love you all, and I might get transfered! I´m pretty excited! I love you thanks for everything.  I´ll include the pictures next week of more details. The ones that are there are of my Elephant speaker, oh and Sergio is going to cut his hair! I gave him one of my white shirts and ties and now he wants to cut his hair and stuff for the priesthood! It´s really cool. That family gave me like a ton of cool stuff i´ll show you next week. Sergio cut one of his dread locks off for me and gave it to me! But don´t worry i washed it! haha Love you all, Nos Vemos next week!

Love Elder Allsup

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