Monday, January 30, 2012

pictures 1/30/12

Great Pictures from Argentina....

January 30, 2012

Hey everyone! this week was really great. we have 20 new investigators, and we´ve got 8 baptismal dates lined up, so hopefully all goes well and those happen. i´ve learned a lot this week, and i´ve got a lot of cool stories, hopefully i have enough time to get to all of them!

i´m actually in the placita right now, which is the big city of posadas, and it´s really cool here. there is a mall here that is exactly like south towne mall, and i couldn´t beleive how much i felt at home. it was kinda nice to feel at home for a little bit, because i absolutely love it here, but it´s pretty different.

last monday night i tried helado (icecream) for the first time, and it was amazing. it´s much creamier, and has a lot more pure sugar here, so it´s pretty awesome. that night we watched the joseph smith story with a family investigator that we found from a reference the other week, and i felt the spirit stronger than ever before about joseph smith. in that moment in that kitchen (which was nice to go inside because all our lessons are outside) i knew joseph smith was a prophet. i knew that he really saw heavenly father and jesus and they told him he was going to re establish the gospel of christ. i know he had that experience, and i know that the book of mormon was translated by him. it was a really spiritual, and amazing experience for me.

i also started to feel love for the investigators that night. because before, sure, i liked the people, and wanted them to get baptized, but i hadn´t loved them until that. i hadn´t wanted them to change their lives yet, and i shared (in my broken castellano) my feelings about my family. and how important it is to be with our families, and i know they felt the spirit. it was really cool.

wednesday we were walking to a visit, and just like any other day it was super hot, and i was sweating like crazy, but as we were crossing the street, we came upon a house that we were passing, i looked at the house number, and saw the last name of the family, and i felt something. it was kinda wierd, and i didn´t really know what it was... so we kept walking.... but after about 20 steps i couldn´t stop thinking that we needed to go back, and what if that family had been waiting for years to hear the gospel? but i didn´t want to say anything because i felt a little embarrased and we were already late for a lesson, but i told elder taylor that we needed to go back to that house. as we are walking back to the hosue i´m getting nervous for some reason, i was nervous that maybe it wasn´t the spirit or something, but we clapped, adn the lady came out, and she accepted us to start teaching.

she has 11 kids (which here, the average is probably close to 8 to 10 kids because the government gives you money if you have a lot) she told us she´d been visiting with the jehovas witnesses for about a year now, and she seemed willing to listen to us. so we gave her the first lesson, and the spirit was there. i know it was. and at the end of the lesson, i invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. it was a really powerful moment, and i know the spirit directed me to do it. so we are going to go back tomorrow because there wasn´t an earlier time she could have us back, but i feel like she´s ready, which would be great beacuse our ward doen´st have a lot of priesthood holders right now that are young, and shes got a lot of kids. it was the first time i had ever felt the spirit direct me somewhere, and it was something really special. i have always heard about those kind of experiences happening to people, but for some reason never really expected it to ever happen to me this early on. it taught me a lot of things, 1 that we need to be listening to the spirit in order to hear it, and 2 we have to act or else the spirit isn´t going to keep whispering.

thursday we had the tremendous opportunity to go to a members house, it was really really messy and dirty, and we got to eat..... chicken liver! hooray! out in the hot sun, and with bugs and yuck. it was just a rough situation. ugh i was gagging every single bite, and it´s really rude not to eat at least like 2 plates of food here, so i´m praying that i don´t puke all over this table, and the worst part, was i went to take a drink of my first drink, which is water, with tons of dirt in it becasue they put some leaf in it because i guess the man has heart problems or something, so that was bad, then i had some warm grapefruit juice to drink after that. it was the worst meal i´ve ever had in my life, and i still think they are going to be some long term consequences. all 4 elders got kinda sick afterwards. so we decided to fast after that meal so our bodies could get it out of our systems hahaha. the fast was actually really good though. it was my first 24 hour fast, which surprisingly i never got hungry or thirsty. usually we´re dying of thirst but i was just fine.

every morning after we exercise we shower and get ready, and every morning i love waking up, doing those, and after showering i get to put on my garments and clothes, and it´s cool because it literally feels like the armor of god. especially after i put on my badge. i feel protected, and i feel really blessed to be able to be one of god´s soldiers. (i´m sure tance is going to go find a badge down stairs and put it on and pretend to be a missionary now and go out in the back yard and pretend to preach with his book of mormon) hahaha

yesterday we had some really good experiences also, we ate lunch at a members house after sacrament, and their baby wasn´t wearing a diaper, and crapped all over the mom´s lap. it was all green, and chunky and nasty, and it didn´t help we were eating green noodles with meat and potatoes. and we were in this tiny little shack so the smell was awful, but it was hilarious. last night though we found a lady who saw us walking the other day, and was going to ask us to come visit, but she was too timid, and last nigth we were directed to find her, and she´s got like 10 kids too, and she´s so ready. we also invited her to be baptized, we are just praying she´s ready. it´s been really cool this week to have those experiences guided by the spirit.

at church all the little kids want to sit by us, which is fun haha thye´re so much fun. and i love talking to them because i can usually understand them. but it´s fun teasing them and things. i don´t have much more time, i hope all the stories made sense! i love all the emails, thanks for everyone´s support and fun stories, sorry i don´t have time to reply to them. i found out if you send a letter to this address, it will get to me

elder quynton trent allsup
mision argentina resistencia
entre rios 435
3500 resistencia, chaco

i hope all is well, i love you all so much, thanks for everything, i´m doing great! i´m going to upload some photo0s, hope they work! keep praying and reading, seeya next week.

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hey everybody! This week was awesome! so much to tell you in so little time! Okay so there is no way i have time to answer all those questions, so i´ll just write what i want to write, and at the end try to answer as many as possible. first off, padded envelopes DO NOT count as a package, so those are fine.

my mission mailing address to send letters or packages or anything is:

Elder Quynton Allsup
Argentina Resistencia Mission
425 Entre Rios
H3500AKE Resistencia

just to start off, we opened this area that has been closed for about a little over a year, and it´s been a lot of hard work, but we´re doing it, and we´re doing well. we have taught the first lesson probably close to 35-40 times already, and we´ve got like 25 new investigators, with 9 baptisms lined up, we just need to commit them to their commitments and we´re golden. we should have 12 people coming to church this next week too which is good. we are working really close with the ward members right now for contacts, and so far, we haven´t had to go clapping for doors. here, you don´t knock on doors, because everyone has a gate infront of their house, so you clap to get them to come out, it´s pretty interesting.

There is a big siesta in the middle of the day where everything shuts down, and people go to sleep for a few hours which is when we do our study times and things. so i´m going to start with afew things that happened last week to explain some of the things that happened this week. last sunday we took two boys to the ward, and it´s a ward here where there are about 50 active members that go each week, and there are two other misionaries in the area close to ours. the city we´re in right now is called Posadas Argentina, maybe you can look it up and find photos and things. it´s really hot, and really humid, but it´s a lot of fun, and the people are great. they´re so great in fact, that this last week during 6 lessons the mothers like to feed their babies right in front of you, like we saw in guatemala, so that´s a little distracting. but here, every lesson has distractions. it´s pretty funny. since the houses are so small and stuff we teach every lesson outside, where we´re hot and muggy, but it´s fun. there are dogs passing by barking, kids riding bikes, motorcycles hauling past, drunk guys yelling, all sorts of fun stuff!

but last sunday we took 2 boys to church, and they had fun, but we actually lost them and had no idea where they went, and we were scared to go back that night, but we did and they had just walked home without us. one of the boys isn´t baptized so we´re trying to get him to come to chuch because the requirement is come to church 3 times before they can be baptized, so that´s really important. but we ate some marinara noodles that were really really good, and each lunch we eat with members. sometimes with the bishop and the council, but we try to eat at different houses each time.

that sunday night that we lost the boys, we were heading to a members house to find contacts, and we felt to clap for this mans house. his name is Luis Velasquez, and his son´s name is luciano. which is actually really weird because the 2 investigators i had in the mtc were luis and luciano. anyways we clapped and this guy is ready for the gospel. he said he felt just like joseph smith, not knowing which church to join. he´s realy awesome, and we hope he can make it to church this next week. he´s followed up on all our committments so far, we just hope his wife doesn´t try to talk him out of things.

Another cool thing that happened is my companion wrote down the wrong address to that next house, so the people had no idea who we were, but as we were leaving there was a lady who accepted us to come to her house the next morning, which was a week ago, and then the next morning when we went to find her, she wasn´t there, so we decided to talk to her neighbor, which is a 50 year old guy named pedro pinto, and he´s accepting us now. so all because my companion wrote the wrong address, we have a new investigator that is ready for the gospel. it´s amazing all the little things that are happening, and it´s really cool to see.

the language is getting better. i can understand a little more each day, they just speak so fast and they don´t really pronounce their *s* in words so it´s a difficult thing trying to figure their conjugations. every week the ward has a noche de hogar and it´s kinda like a family night and they invite everyone possible, and it´s a lot of fun to go to and talk to the members and have a lesson. but on thursday we had a noche de hogar from some lady that is evangelico, and invited us, so we said we would...... we show up to 20 little kids between the ages 3-11 and it was so funny.

we taught a little bit of the first lesson, asked them what they knew about god and things, and it was hilarious. then after me and my companion just sang a few hymns just us two to 20 of these little kids, and 3 other investigators, then we started teaching them english. it was a lot of fun, but the best part, was when we were almost ready to leave, i told my companion.... hey lets hand out all the pamphlets and pass a long cards and things we have and we did. we made them promise to give it to their parents, so being little kids they were ecstatic to receive all these pictures of Jesus and pamphlets on like, chastity, and the gospel of Christ, and all this stuff, and we wrote the address of the chapel on them all, and we took down all their addresses so now we have 10-12 new houses to visit. hahaha.

in english we were making them say some funny things too. we tought them how to say their name, and just some other common things it was so much fun. they all went home with all these pamphlets of jesus and stuff, and were ecstatic, ah it was such a hilarious sight. but right before leaving the evangelico lady passed around this bucket of tang with one cup.... every single little kids dirty hands were in it and drinking from it and stuff, and it got to us, and they expected us to drink from it, and it was absolutely discusting to think about, but it tasted like tang, and minus all the little crunchies i got to chew on after drinking which were probably bugs, and dirty, and nasties, but it was fine, and no side effects so far.

on friday i stepped in mud, and my entire foot went into the mud, and i almost fell because so much of my leg sank down into the dirty, which was a great experience... my companion looks at me... laughs really hard... and says welcome to the mission field.. so that was great.

i´ve eaten a lot of empanadas and noodles and all sorts of really really good stuff. there hasn´t been one thing ive not liked so far. it´s all really good, but they give you so much that it´s pretty hard to walk after eating. the dirt here is really really red, so all my shirts are pretty dirty, and our shoes are pretty dirty too, haha but it´s fun.

i´m getting really tan, and next email i´m going to include all the pictures i have taken. the internet cafe we´re at today is a little gross and i don´t want to test it with my camera. the bugs are big, and scary looking, and last night i woke up to go to the bathroom, and a spider the size of a phone was flying across the floor and i think i peed a little... before reaching the bathroom.... but i´m doing great.

i love you all, and i´ll try to write a letter with all theother stuff i didn´t include. food is great, i´m not sick anymore, and i´m getting more used to the heat. but other than that i´m good i think! don´t need anything as of right now, but i´m out of time, so next week i´ll answer all the questions, and hopefully have more stories to tell. i love you all, thanks for all the support, and i hope all is going well, i pray for you all each night! i love you! have fun! say your prayers and read your scriptres! next email i´ll send photos!

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Okay so to start off, the keyboard here is really whack, so It´s extremely difficult to capitalize things, so i´m just not going to, so pardon the grammar. the planes here were crazy. the one to atlanta was forever long, and it was only 4 hours, but i got to sit next to a pilot, so that was cool.

the plane to buenos aires was pretty fun though, i got to sit next to an elder in my ccm district, which was great, and we got to laugh about all the funny things that happened. also, we got a meal that wasn´t too bad. we got off the plane at buenos aires, and had ABSOLUTELY no idea where to go, and we kinda just sat there for a minute, and they needed our passports and stuff, but they were talking so fast i had no idea what they were saying, so finally we found someone that was able to speak a little english, and we all just passed through that gate, and that was a relief, however, we didn´t really know what to do after that. we had absolutely no plans or anything saying where to go, or who to talk to or anything, so we kinda sat there for a little while, and it was a little scary because we just didn´t know what to do.

anyways after a little while a man came and found us, and then we followed him around for a minute, and led us to a bus..... still not sure what to do he told us to just get on the bus.... so we got on the bus and it took us to another air port, about an hour away, we didn´t get to do anything with the temple or the other ccm or anything, which was unfortunate, but we passed by it on the bus.

so we get to this other airport, the man says seeya later, and then left..... so we again had no idea what to do, we´re all disgustingly hot and sweaty and the humidity hadn´t really hit, because we weren´t ever outside, so i still dind´t know what the heat was like.... so we sat.... and waited.... and sure enough, another little man came and grabbed us, took our bags somewhere, and went to this little cafeteria in the top of this airport where we met a lot of other missionaries who were from the ccm in argentina going to various argentine missions, and they didn´t speak any english except one who spoke a little broken english.

we sit down, the man buys us all pizza and some drinks, and after we ate and stuff, me and another elder were super thirsty, so we figured we could find a place to buy water.... little did we know most people don´t drink water, they drink pure soda, that´s clear and looks exactly like water, so we bought a few of those, i pop open the cap and start chugging thinking it´s water, and about throw up because it´s so nasty and terrible!

anyways we are sitting in this airport forever and i´m starting to try and talk to the other elders and there was a few hermanas going to resistencia with us and a few going to salta, and i started teaching them how to read, and they´d help me with spanish, and it was actually really fun talking with them. it was fun to talk with them about things of argentina and things about the US and stuff. anyways we find out we´re flying to resistencia, which was actually the nicest plane we took the whole trip. it had lots of drinks, and it was only about an hour, but it was a big plane.

we are flying over argentina and we are nearing resistencia, and it honestly looked like africa, but with a lot of green. it was really wierd. it was really pretty and we all were getting really excited. so we land, get off the plane into this pretty tiny airport, and we were having we see our mission president outside, and we walked out there, and the second i stepped outside, the wrath of satan´s fire slapped me in the face. it is the hottest, most disgusting humidity on the planet, and it was hard to breathe! it was so hot, and so humid that i thought i was going to die. i started sweating out of places i didn´t even know existed on my body, and the sun was just burning me, and it was absolutely crazy! i was actually legitimately nervous for my well being, and how i was going to live here for the next 2 years. i couldn´t help but think it should be illegal to live in a place like this.

but the country is absolutely beautiful. the birds are really colorful, the flowers are colorful, the trees, everything is really nice. so we take a little tour of resistencia for about a half hour on our way to the mission presidents home, and they´re so nice, and really amazing people. and their house is abosolutely amazing. it´s got this huge room for the missionaries to sleep in the first night, and maps of all the missions and some showers and all sorts of really nice stuff. and they gave us this pizza, which was the best pizza i´ve ever eaten. so pizza here is much more of a gourmet food, it´s not like the pizza there, where it´s like an easy quick meal to pick up, it´s a lot more of a luxury to have, and this pizza had a pretty thick crust, and tons of chicken, some with ham and cheese, some with beef, all sorts, so i´m getting excited to eat and it was great.

so we met them, and we slept there the first night, and in the morning we all went to the chapel there and we are all sitting down waiting to meet our new companions, and then all the trainers walk in, and we are all getting excited and things.there were a lot of native trainers. probably most, and then this huge kid walks in, he´s probably like 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4, a little bit taller than me, and i was like, man if i´m his companion, the people are going to open their doors, get scared, and allow us to come in because they´re scared. and sure enough, he is my companion. his name is elder taylor from salt lake, and he went to skyline high school. so we ate some empanadas which were really good that the mission president made, and then the mission president tells us all where we´re going.

the first night i slept at their house, he explained all the places of the mission, and all the different areas, their success, their climates, the food, people, and us gave an overview, and it was really excting. so after he explained all the places, we all were wanting to go to the state of misiones, because it sounded the coolest, but the president said only 1 person was training there, and that it´d be a new area. misiones is like the jungle part of north argentina and we all wanted to go there, because that´s where the water falls are, and we all want to see those. so we are sitting there and he starts telling the companionships where we´re all going, and we´re all just dying to hear, well elder rogers went to formosa, which is the farthest west section, and i got called to misiones! this place we all wanted to go! i was the one going there to train, and to open this new area in the jungle part! i was exstatic and everyone was jealous of us haha.

so we say all our goodbyes to our old companions and it was kinda rough saying goodbye to rogers, but i was so excited that it wasn´t too bad. and we take this taxi to the bus stop, and my companion starts teaching the taxi driver the first lesson... and i´m sitting there blown out of my mind, and i couldn´t beleive he was just talking to this smelly, wierd, random guy, and i couldn´t really understand what he was saying, because they all speak so fast that my mind can´t comprehend it. i´m able to understand it a lot better now after a few days that my ears can be trained to it, and i figured out, they don´t really say their ´s´ so if they say como esta... it sounds like comota. and they blend their words a lot, and it´s really weird, but it´s really cool, and they actually speak EXACTLY like italians. it´s actually really cool. they say a lot of italian words, and they pronounce things italian, and they have italian accents when they talk.

anyways he starts teaching this guy, and i coudln´t believe it. so we get to the bus station, and we begin our 6 hour bus ride to our area, which is called Miguel LanĂºs in Misiones. and it starts to rain. it started to rain super super hard, and it was crazy, the whole sky would light up orange because of the lightening, it was really cool. anyways we get to our area, and our pension is super tiny. like 2 rooms and i can touch both walls with my arm lenght, one for sleeping, there is like 2 feet inbetween our beds, and the other room is for our study areas, so it was a little nerve racking to see that, but it´s a lot of fun, and i actually really like it now. it´s got air conditioning that works decently, and the shower works pretty well. we´ve got running water, and a fridge that works well, and it´s home for the next 11 weeks.

we are openign this area that´s been closed for like a year, so we just started to find the bishop, and then we found all the ward leaders and things. the ward has about 70 members per week, so it´s actually not bad, and we have been going around to their houses to meet them and find referrals and things. so lunch here is HUGE. it´s the only meal, so they eat like crazy people, and we are at the bishops house eating, and his little boy that´s maybe like 3 falls down their well where they put all their trash, so there is like rusty barrels and things down there, well this little boy slips and falls, it´s probably 10 feet down, and i coudln´t beleifve it, i thought for sure he was dead... we walk over there, and he´s crying but only has a few scrapes, his dad goes over there brushes him off, sets him down, and lets him play with all the bugs... it was crazy!!! hahaha oh and yeah there are a lot of bugs. lots of really big spiders and things. it´s a really great area, it´s really jungly and lots of trees and stuff, and every day for lunch we eat with a member, and we don´t eat dinner or breakfast really, i mean there are snacks but not really. the first few days my stomach was trying to adjust so i got a little sick, but i´m great now.

i had my first empanada, and they´re super good. however you eat like 10 per setting because what they do here is eat a HUGE lunch, and then they have the siesta, where everyone takes a nap and everything shuts down for a few hours, and we go have our study times during that part. but i really love it here. the kids are really funny and i can understand them a lot better, but the second i mis pronounce something i have met my death ahaha. they laugh and laugh and they think it´s so funny that i can´t say something, but it´s really fun, and i´m doing great, and i´m excited to start the work. i´ve already seen miracles happen right before my eyes, it´s amazing. i have a lot more stories to tell more specifically about the people and some of the awesome experiences we´ve had, and i´ll mail you a letter that you´ll probably get in like 3 weeks, or maybe i´ll just explain them in the next email, i´m not sure. whatever is easiest.

we only have an hour to email and aren´t supposed to email really anyone but family, so next email i´ll explain more. it´s fun learning all the lingo and stuff, and i forgot my notes of all the things i wanted to say, so THE NEXT EMAIL I SENT WILL HAVE A LOT MORE FUN STUFF TO READ AND HEAR ABOUT ALL THE EXPERIENCES, but say hi to everyone for me. i´m doing great and i´m really excited. i love you all, and i´m really excited to start the work! love you all, say your prayers, have fun.

i´m pretty sure this is the mission address

entre rios 435
resistencia, chaco, argentina 3500
casa de correo 1
mision argentina resistenciaoh

also, i can only receive 2 packages a year, and they go through them so don´t send anything crazy or embarrasing. but like a pouch or padded envelope doesn´t count as mail, so those are fine. i´ll send more details next week. sorry i ran out of time and don´t have my notes for everything to send so next week will have much more, just tell everyone who wants to write me to write it and just not send it yet. love you all


January 9, 2012

We are heading out right now! I'll be in SLC at around 9:30 ish, so you'll probably get a call between 10--11 or something, then when we get to ATlanta i'll call you again

January 7, 2012

I don't know how you know all this stuff that's going to be perfect! Thanks for putting all those minutes on! I'm so excited!! I'll just chuck it when i'm done, but that's a freaking nice phone for $10 bucks! None of us have seen a phone for 2 months so we were acting all funny about it, and how it'd burn us if we touched it and stupid nerdy MTC stuff. It was funny.

So for sure I have 249 minutes? How does it work then? Will it just end when I'm done or something or? I'll just call you at SLC with the quarters, and that shuold be around 9-11 in the morning, so whoever wants to talk during then, be ready for a few minutes to talk between those times.

My flight from SLC to ATL is around 5 hours I think, but i'm not sure if it's giving me the times of when I'll get there in their time or not. So my itinerary exactly says:SLC to ATL I arrive at 4:44 In atlanta. THen from ATL to Buenos Aires is 7:50 PM to 7:55 AM which they are a 3 hour differenceso the flight is roughly 9 hours if i've figured it out right. I never thought I'd be this excited in my life for this! I hope we get to go to the temple there! And I hope everything woorks out okay.

We had In-Field Orientation yesterday, and it was an all day class, but it was the best day we've had here. I learned so much, and the whole time i'm thinking, why are you not teaching us this stuff throughout the MTC stay?? But it was a lot of fun, and what i'm going to do is try to take some pictures of my journal entries and things so you can see some of the things i've done that I haven't told you about, and just send you a 4GB card I got at the Bookstore for like 5 bucks, I stocked up on those because they're so inexpensive, so thtat's good.

I sent Charli some pictures, and i'm pretty sure she was planning to show you those soon, so make sure she does, they're pretty funny, and there are some videos too for you, Mom. I've been stocking on my vitamins, so we're good there, and I have a few more things at the bookstore to get, so i'll get those today, i'll be sending my package home today as well, and I'll get to email later today too, so if you have any last things feel free to email, i'll check it later.

I am also taking all the advice you told me to put extra garments and travel thigns in my carry on, so thanks for that. I think that's all for now! I'll write you again later today, and i'll TALK to you soon!:) Love you, Nos Vemos

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3, 2012

That's awesome you started a blog! I'm so glad! I'll hopefully be sending some pictures before I head off on Monday. We got our travel plans, and it's awesome so far. I'll have to write you a letter probably because I don't have much time.

Right now we're flying out on Monday, at 11 AM to Atlanta, like we did to Guatemala, and then from there we've got about a 4 hour layover, and i'll be calling you then hopefully, so we'll see. THen from there we're going to BUENOS AIRES!! Ahhhh I'm so excited I get to go to that city. I've always wanted to go there, and hopefully we'll be able to go to that temple before we go to Resistencia. I'm not sure how we're getting to Resistencia yet, but I do know that as of now, we don't have flight plans after Buenos Aires, so I would imagine it's a very long bus ride up to Resistencia, we'll see.

I've also been assigned to be the travel leader, so that'll be fun, and I hope things go smoothly. I'm really excited to travel. I wasn't ready to leave a few days ago, because I got so sad i'd miss my zone. I've come to love them all so much, and it's going to be really hard, but I think the Lord is preparing me by allowing me to get really irritated with the little things, and now i'm definitely ready to leave this place. I love it here, and my experience here has been one of the highlights of my life, and I can honestly say there hasn't been anything i've hated, or even disliked a lot. The MTC isn't like any other place on earth. It's just really different here, and I absolutely love it. I've made life-long friends here, and all the other aspects have been positive.

Today we got to go to the temple finally since it's been closed for a few weeks, and I felt the power of the Celestial Room more than i've ever even comprehended before. All the other times i've been in the Celestial room, it was just calm, and really peaceful. Today the spirit was actually extremely alive inside of me. It was the craziest, most exciting thing that's happened to me this far in my mission, in regaurds to spiritual experiences. I just remember walking in, and it felt like a literal change had happened to me, physically and emotionally. I had been praying for faith, and patience, and obedience a lot this week, and I received a lot of the answers today in the temple. It was a great experience, and one i'll never forget. I learned a lot today.

For the following two hours after the temple, I was just pumped out of my mind with the spirit, and was so excited to go to work out in the field. I felt the happiness of why Return Missionaries loved their missions so much. I finally had an experience where I just couldn't stop smiling, and enjoying everything, and couldn't help but think how small this experience will probably be with the experiences to come.

After the session, we decided to go eat at the Temple, and we began talking with some couples infront of us in the food line, and it was cool, and they went and sat down and began eating while we waited for our food to come out, and as I went up to the front of the line to pay, the man said, "Oh, don't worry about it" and I was confused, and just said "What's that supposed to mean?" and he went on to say how the people before us had paid for all of our meals. That had to be a minimum of around $50 for all of us, most likely a lot more. This was a huge example to me, and it meant so much to me to realize how important charity is. I really wish I would have known who it was, because I felt so thankful for that, and they taught me so much.

I also have the chance to email you on Saturday of this week, so you'll get another email being more specific about the flight and stuff. But some of the things I need you to send would be:-My Priesthood Line of Authority-One more Portfolio for my letters (Exactly like the one we got from walmart, the one you open up and it's got the slots for letters, it works perfect and i'll be sending my current one home with all the letters I want to keep safe inside.

I think that is all for now, i'm not sure that I need anything else that i'm not able to get here, and most things i'm pretty on top of, so if I can think of something i'll let you know asap. I love you all, thanks for everything. Only a few more days and i'll be farther from you all at the same time than i've ever been! I'm so excited and I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!