Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3, 2012

That's awesome you started a blog! I'm so glad! I'll hopefully be sending some pictures before I head off on Monday. We got our travel plans, and it's awesome so far. I'll have to write you a letter probably because I don't have much time.

Right now we're flying out on Monday, at 11 AM to Atlanta, like we did to Guatemala, and then from there we've got about a 4 hour layover, and i'll be calling you then hopefully, so we'll see. THen from there we're going to BUENOS AIRES!! Ahhhh I'm so excited I get to go to that city. I've always wanted to go there, and hopefully we'll be able to go to that temple before we go to Resistencia. I'm not sure how we're getting to Resistencia yet, but I do know that as of now, we don't have flight plans after Buenos Aires, so I would imagine it's a very long bus ride up to Resistencia, we'll see.

I've also been assigned to be the travel leader, so that'll be fun, and I hope things go smoothly. I'm really excited to travel. I wasn't ready to leave a few days ago, because I got so sad i'd miss my zone. I've come to love them all so much, and it's going to be really hard, but I think the Lord is preparing me by allowing me to get really irritated with the little things, and now i'm definitely ready to leave this place. I love it here, and my experience here has been one of the highlights of my life, and I can honestly say there hasn't been anything i've hated, or even disliked a lot. The MTC isn't like any other place on earth. It's just really different here, and I absolutely love it. I've made life-long friends here, and all the other aspects have been positive.

Today we got to go to the temple finally since it's been closed for a few weeks, and I felt the power of the Celestial Room more than i've ever even comprehended before. All the other times i've been in the Celestial room, it was just calm, and really peaceful. Today the spirit was actually extremely alive inside of me. It was the craziest, most exciting thing that's happened to me this far in my mission, in regaurds to spiritual experiences. I just remember walking in, and it felt like a literal change had happened to me, physically and emotionally. I had been praying for faith, and patience, and obedience a lot this week, and I received a lot of the answers today in the temple. It was a great experience, and one i'll never forget. I learned a lot today.

For the following two hours after the temple, I was just pumped out of my mind with the spirit, and was so excited to go to work out in the field. I felt the happiness of why Return Missionaries loved their missions so much. I finally had an experience where I just couldn't stop smiling, and enjoying everything, and couldn't help but think how small this experience will probably be with the experiences to come.

After the session, we decided to go eat at the Temple, and we began talking with some couples infront of us in the food line, and it was cool, and they went and sat down and began eating while we waited for our food to come out, and as I went up to the front of the line to pay, the man said, "Oh, don't worry about it" and I was confused, and just said "What's that supposed to mean?" and he went on to say how the people before us had paid for all of our meals. That had to be a minimum of around $50 for all of us, most likely a lot more. This was a huge example to me, and it meant so much to me to realize how important charity is. I really wish I would have known who it was, because I felt so thankful for that, and they taught me so much.

I also have the chance to email you on Saturday of this week, so you'll get another email being more specific about the flight and stuff. But some of the things I need you to send would be:-My Priesthood Line of Authority-One more Portfolio for my letters (Exactly like the one we got from walmart, the one you open up and it's got the slots for letters, it works perfect and i'll be sending my current one home with all the letters I want to keep safe inside.

I think that is all for now, i'm not sure that I need anything else that i'm not able to get here, and most things i'm pretty on top of, so if I can think of something i'll let you know asap. I love you all, thanks for everything. Only a few more days and i'll be farther from you all at the same time than i've ever been! I'm so excited and I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!

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