Monday, January 16, 2012

January 7, 2012

I don't know how you know all this stuff that's going to be perfect! Thanks for putting all those minutes on! I'm so excited!! I'll just chuck it when i'm done, but that's a freaking nice phone for $10 bucks! None of us have seen a phone for 2 months so we were acting all funny about it, and how it'd burn us if we touched it and stupid nerdy MTC stuff. It was funny.

So for sure I have 249 minutes? How does it work then? Will it just end when I'm done or something or? I'll just call you at SLC with the quarters, and that shuold be around 9-11 in the morning, so whoever wants to talk during then, be ready for a few minutes to talk between those times.

My flight from SLC to ATL is around 5 hours I think, but i'm not sure if it's giving me the times of when I'll get there in their time or not. So my itinerary exactly says:SLC to ATL I arrive at 4:44 In atlanta. THen from ATL to Buenos Aires is 7:50 PM to 7:55 AM which they are a 3 hour differenceso the flight is roughly 9 hours if i've figured it out right. I never thought I'd be this excited in my life for this! I hope we get to go to the temple there! And I hope everything woorks out okay.

We had In-Field Orientation yesterday, and it was an all day class, but it was the best day we've had here. I learned so much, and the whole time i'm thinking, why are you not teaching us this stuff throughout the MTC stay?? But it was a lot of fun, and what i'm going to do is try to take some pictures of my journal entries and things so you can see some of the things i've done that I haven't told you about, and just send you a 4GB card I got at the Bookstore for like 5 bucks, I stocked up on those because they're so inexpensive, so thtat's good.

I sent Charli some pictures, and i'm pretty sure she was planning to show you those soon, so make sure she does, they're pretty funny, and there are some videos too for you, Mom. I've been stocking on my vitamins, so we're good there, and I have a few more things at the bookstore to get, so i'll get those today, i'll be sending my package home today as well, and I'll get to email later today too, so if you have any last things feel free to email, i'll check it later.

I am also taking all the advice you told me to put extra garments and travel thigns in my carry on, so thanks for that. I think that's all for now! I'll write you again later today, and i'll TALK to you soon!:) Love you, Nos Vemos

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