Monday, August 12, 2013


Pretty eventful week! We had a baptism!! I hope you can open the photos! If not let me know and i`ll go to a different computer next week and send you all the picutres from the last two weeks. But earlier in the week Elder Creer is still getting used to the food, well not really the food, more the quantity of food. So he actually threw up 2 different times after lunch because of how much we ate haha, so that was pretty nuts.  We had a ton of new people this week and a ton of lessons, which has been awesome. I`ve never just gone and done so much work in my whole mission. We`re like running to charlas it feels like, which is awesome. The youth of the branch are getting super excited too, becaues we`ve been asking them to come with us pretty much every single day we have a different youth coming with us, and they are loving it. I love this place so much... It reminds me of Alma 17:23... Look it up!  But we had Javier`s baptism, and it was great. We made sugar cookies to let everyone try and they all loved them with the frosting and stuff, so that was fun to do something differnt for them.  Yesterday that other kid we`re teaching came to church again, so we`re hoping he`ll get baptized this weekend and have back to back baptisms!! Wooo! But on Wednesday after our day, walking back to the pension there is a famous ice cream place that had a deal of 3 liters of icecream for like 40$ pesos no mas! so of course we bought it, and the girl working gave us free coupons for a free icecream cake, so we got 5.5 pounds of icecream for like 8 bucks, and my companion is the one who bought all that, so as we were walking out I just couldn`t resist, and I bought it too, and we ate basically all of it. So since wednesday we have eaten a total of 11 pounds of icecream between the two of us.... Pretty nuts. But I love it. We`ve been running in the morning too which is awesome, and some day swe go play basketball at a school near our pension, but it`s just freezing sometimes int eh morning. But i`m about to finish Jesus the Christ too. Im about 1 and a half hours away from finishing it, and i`m super stoked, I love that book so much.  But everything is going great, and we are just enjoying this amazing place so much, and wokring our guts out. I hope the pictures work! Thanks for everything. I wrote Tean and it is so wierd thinking that we`re doing the exact same thing everyday! I love you all, have a great week! 

First photo: We cleaned out the baptismal font so we did some service for the chapel and we cleaned out a closet that was just hidious with old books and liahonas and things, and we found this HUGE BIBLE!!! It`s sweet. I wanted to keep it but felt bad, so we left it in the church hoping that we find someone that can`t read very little letters.

Second: Baptism of Javier Corvalan, and his family that we reactivated and are working on getting married!!

Third: Me and my Comp Elder Creer, and the kid that got baptized and his awesome little brother that I just love to death, that little kid is so hilarious

Fourth Us and Javier coming out of the water

Fifth: Me and Tiago

Sixth: Me and Comp with the free icecream cakes that we got!

Seventh: me and my comp each Finished 5 1/2 pounds of icrecream each since wednesday!

Eight: So much icecream!! Loved it

(Pictures still not downloading...hopefully next week)

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