Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

Pretty crazy week to be honest... Monday my companion got bit by his first dog! That was pretty funny... But then we got some crazy news this last tuesday! So me and my kid were doing great, and to be honest I had really thought I was going to finish the mission in my last area, but I got a call from the Zone Leaders at like 9:20 Tuesday night and they said I was being emergency transfered because like 25 new missionaries had come mid transfer for their visas, and they said I was going to be a zone leader again, opening an entire new zone called Formosa 3! To be honest we both thought of that movie The Rookie, where the dad like retires and then gets called back into action... I think that`s what the movie is called... and it`s the exact same area where Elder Weight died, my companion in Resistencia when we were Zone Leaders before. He died here, and I have the companion that killed him, Elder Perez, he`s a "stinky beaner" as he says. (Mexican) Haha but he`s awesome, and we get along super good. I love the kid already. It`s pretty nuts. We have the youngest zone in the mission now. There isn`t one person that has more than 9 months. My companion is the oldest other than me, and he`s only got like 9 months. All the rest have 7 months or less. We also have 2 companionships of Hermanas, and they are really cool too, so that`s a big relief.  But I already love it, and we`re doing good.  I love it a ton here. It was hard to leave my kid though in my last area. Me and him were really good friends, but it`s been really interesting to see how all of this needed to happen, and how I learned so many crucial things my last few weeks there, to help prepare me for this new area and new calling. It`s been really awesome.  My comp hasn`t ever been a ZL before, so that`s been fun training him.  But i`m really excited, and really humbled so please remember me in your prayers! Today we spent all morning cleaning like crazy and just moving everything around. We also live with 2 Columbians right now and they are so hilarious. Seriously they remind me exactly of those two Transformers in Transformers 2 I think, the red and green one? I`m pretty sure that`s the movie... But you get the picture. I really am loving my mission again. Not that I didn`t before, but I forgot how much I love talking with allt he Elders and Hermanas every night, and answering their calls, and doing all the things they need. I love being super busy again in every moment. But it`s starting to get really hot here, so i`m getting used to that already. But it`s gonna be a great adventure, and i`m super excited! Hope all is doing well!! Love you all!!  

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