Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

Sounds like everyone is doing really well. Those pictures are fantastic, sounds like it`ll be a cool place to go to when I get back. Today I am starting my last transfer in the mission, and it`s so crazy. To be honest I absolutely hate it, but ya just gotta do what you gotta do! This week was really cool, and a huge experience in leadership and helping others. I have learned that Good leaders will do anything and everything for those that they lead, but the greatest leaders will teach and show those they lead what they can do to be able to do it themselves correctly. That`s somethign ì`ve learned this week, and something i`m proud to be able to say i`m trying my hardest to do. We did divisions and I went with the intentions to just do the absolute best I could and to just show the Elder how things are done, but I realized it doesn`t help if I go and find 12 new people without showing him how to do it himself. THe concept of giving someone a fish, or giving them a fishing pole and showing them how to use it. It was really cool to learn that even more this week, and we`ve seen a lot of big changes in the zone because of it. I`m still training Elder Perez to be a great zone leader so that`s somethign I`m glad i`ve been able to show him. I love that stinky beaner so much. (don`t worry it`s not racist, he says that he admits that he`s a stinky beaner, and it`s even more hilarious when he says it in his mexican accent) plus we`re learning even more english every day whch is fun. We`re enjoying every single moment, and it`s just a blast.  It rained yesterday and its muddier than goodness. every single step you have to rip your leg out of the mud and hope it doesn`t soak through the bottom. My one pair of shoes already has a huge hole in the bottom, so it`s not the funnest to have to wear those. But i`m doing great! We did 5 baptismal interviews, and I love them so much. I love having someone tell me their testimony and to just see them light up when they begin to say how much they`ve changed. I`ts my favorite part ever.  A few nights ago some of the sister missionaries in the zone forgot their key in the church, and we had to run around way past the time that we had to be in the pension trying to find it and give it to them, so that was a crazy adventure, but just another part I love about being a ZL.  A few of the peopel we`re teaching haven`t been able to get permission from their parents to get baptized which is super rough on me, because they`ve got great friends to go to church with, they`re willing to go to church, and they usually go, but we`re working with them.  The Familia Arenas is so awesome. The mom was really sick and super down yesterday, but we went and taught her and just went really excited and encouraged her a lot, and she was so happy. It`s amazing to see her conversion already,a nd we are hoping she can get baptised next week.  This week we`re still teaching Tatiana, she has 18 years and she`s awesome. She`s that girl we found a few weeks ago, and she`s doig great, and we`re going to do the best to get her baptized this week. But thanks for all your prayers and everything. I loev you all and hope all is well!! Que estèn muy bien todos!!

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