Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept 16,2013

Sept 16
Como están todos?!
This week was absolutely awesome... The whole week it was actually getting really really hot here already, but even with that we kept working like crazy, and we found A TON of amazing people. Yesterday in church we had 8 investigators.... It was AWESOME. We woke up super early yesterday morning because we needed to pass by each of them before church, and a few live really far, but it was so worth it. There were actually so many that we needed to go wake up and thigns that we decided to do divisions with some Priests, and it got so crazy that only my companion had a cell phone, so i`m like waking up half of Formosa and sending them to church with messages to my companion so that he called me and things, and I had to call taxis to come and pick people up, and then I had to send other families with members. It was like a huge adventure from a movie. It was so awesome. I was super excited.  It was so much fun. I also had to give a talk yesterday in church, and it was really really good. I was so excited for having so many people in church that I just stood up, and started smiling, and almost laughing  trying to start my talk because I was just so happy, which made everyone else start smiling and giggling a little and it was pretty funny. A good way to start a talk.  But this week was cool, we did divisions with the Assistants, and it was cool because I got to go with the Elder that we did divisions with in Resistencia when I was a zone leader there, so we talked a lot about the mission, because he`s finishing in 2 weeks, and we have been through a lot together, so that was fun, and it was super sick because of those 8 people that went to church, 4 of them we found toghether in those divisions. We should be having a few baptisms this weekend so we`re excited about that. Please pray for Alejandro, and Juan, and the Familia Arenas, and Sofia. We are teaching a lot of people right now and we`re super blessed. We are finally seeing the results for all of our crazy days opening the zone and running around helping all the Hermanas missionaries and things, which is a huge turn around. Me and my companion Elder Perez are getting along super good. He`s definitely one of my favorites. We are constantly laughing, and we just have fun together, and enjoying everything which is awesome. I really hope he kills me. He killed Elder Weight, my companion in Resistencia when we were Zone Leaders there, so that would just be awesome. But ever monday we are doing what we did in Resi too, the Momento de Exito, where we do a conference call with the zone and each area has a few minutes to tell a successful story from teh week, and everyone can cheer and get all excited. It helps us to be united as a zone which is awesome.  But thanks for everything, I hope everyone is good. I`m doing great, it`s getting hot, so i`m getting the nice neck farmers tan again, so that`s awesome. But things are great, and we`re super excited! We`ve got transfers in 2 weeks so we`ll see what happens with my comp. I hope I just can finish here, I love this area so much.  Oh and a few days ago, the peple from the city came to spray the area for mosquitos because here the mosquitos have dengue and things, and it`s pretty nuts, and the dude has a big ghost busters machine thing, so as he was leaving we ran and chased him down and I asked him to use it, and I sent a picture, It was pretty sick! Ghost Busters! Haha but I love you all, have a great week!

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