Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 10, 2013

Sept 10

Hey everyone! Pretty intense week getting the zone up and running with all these new missionaries and such: Almost all of them are coming from new missions and other existing missions, so they`ve adopted a lot of habits that just don`t have success here, but Italia Norte es bastante capo ch (my area is called Italia Norte). I really like it. The members are really awesome and we`re really doing a lot to change the new zone. We`re focusing a lot on the Spirit, and how we need to be guided. The mission seems to have lost a lot of focus on the spirit with all the new missionaries trying to do their own things from other missions and such, so we`re really striving to get focused again on what we need to be doing, and to remember that it`s the lord`s work, not ours.I want you to know that I have gained such a strong testimony in the last two weeks especially to know that the Lord really does put us where we need to go. I have gained a strong testimony to know that the Lord needed me to learn certain things i`ve learned, so don`t worry about anything, I know the Lord has each of you in mind, and whatever happens is what HE needs for you. Just trust him. Always look for guidance by the spirit, I know that he will answer us if you just ask him in prayer.I found out that sometimes the spirit is kinda like those old eight balls that you shake up and it`s got a few answers as the things floats to the top, we must go to the Lord with a specific answer or specific question, and ask him specifically so that he can answer specifically. I hope this helps, I felt like I needed to share it with someone, so I hope that you can all put it into practice! This week President Heyman called all the Formosa Zone Leaders together and we had one of the coolest personal lessons i`ve ever heard in my life. He talked about how faith is knowing something will happen and just doing it. And how Faith is a principle of the God`s. He got us all so focused on the spirit and it was so awesome. Yesterday me and my companion had to go to Resistencia for our Zone COuncel which was AWESEOME to visit Res-town again after not being there for so long. I also heard that my converts in Resistencia, Guillermo and Viviana, the ones that got married, well they were putting a kiosk in their house (a little store with all the little treats and things... there are kiosks all over here, just about every block) and they asked me what they should name it while I was still there, and I was just joking a little and said, Name it Kiosk Nephi... and my old companion that is still there yesterday says, hey Elder Allsup... Guess what Guillermo called his kiosk??? ANd I had totally forgotten, so I just said I have no idea.... then he tells me, He named it Nephi just like you said! Haha how cool is that!!! But anyways I am enjoying the mission more than almost any other time. Thigns are going pretty well, adn we`re finding great people. We found an awesome family that came to church, the Familia Medina and they are progressing really well. We are seeing the spirit change their Lives. I love you all have a wonderful week!!! 

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