Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

Just to give you an update on what the mission is like for me right now... It`s getting really hot, but it`s been raining quite a bit lately, so luckily the true heat hasn`t gotten to us. I`m in an area that`s a little poorer, so we eat a lot of noodles, with chicken or meat, but it`s super good anyways. I love the food here. I live with 3 columbians so that`s pretty exciting. My area isn`t huge, it`s actually the smallest of all my areas, so we don`t walk AS much, but we still walk a ton, and we`re always on the move. My companion is Elder Escorcia, and we are currently in a ward, not a branch like almost all my other areas. The members are really awesoem, and they help us a ton, and are super willing to do anything. The zone is doing really well. Right now we are really pushing to be the best zone in the mission, and we`ve got councel this monday so we`ll see if our numbers are hitting our goal! We just wanna kill it. Health wise i`m doing good! We are running again in the morning, because the other elder I live with also likes to run, so i`m running every morning about 25 minutes, and that`s helping a lot to keep the stress levels down. But i`m enjoying the heck out of the mission now. I love being able to see progress in our area, and in the zone. That`s the hardest thing i`ve seen being a zone leader, is that it`s already difficult running your own area, and when they give you 5 other areas to look after on top of that it gets a little hectic, but I absolutely love it. There is ALWAYS something to do. The other day an elder forgot his documents when he went to renew his visa, so we had to run around finding a scanner and stuff, on saturday one area had an emergency baptism, so we had to travel to do their baptismal interview, also last week one of the sister missionaries got pretty sick, so we had to travel and give her a blessing, just things like that, plus divisions weekly with the elders... It`s awesome! Each night we call all the areas and verify with them and figure out what we can do and give them some thigns to help them out. It was a little wierd calling Sister missionaries at first, but it`s normal now. It felt wrong, like I was sinning by talking to them haha, but it`s all good now, I love everything and i`m just doing great! Anything else you`d like to know?   Love you all!
Hey Everyone. Pretty awesome week. Started off a little rough because my companion from Mexico got sent to Resistencia, and we were like best friends, so that was really hard, but I got a new companion that`s from Columbia! I actually already knew him from Villa Angela. His name is Elder Escorcia. He was working in the other part of the city so we saw eachother all the time. He`s SUPER calm and I haven`t heard him raise his voice even one time, not even being excited haha, but he`s awesome. Which means now I live with 3 columbians, and there is another columbian Sister in our Zone, that goes to our ward, and her companion is from the United States, from Sandy, but her mom is from Columbia and her dad is from Guatemala, so she`s pretty much Latina and also columbian... So my life is pretty much columbianified right now! It`s pretty fun. But I can`t believe i`m starting my last transfer. It doesn`t seem real.  This week was super successful for us. It started off last monday after P`day, we found a family that lives right next door to Tatiana, our investigator, who GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday! It was so aweosme. I don`t know if i`ve told you about her, but we found her about 3 weeks ago, by asking people if there was anyone they knew that had just ahd a baby, and three different people guided us to her house, so we went and she`s 18, and we were in divisions actually with another kid from California, so i`m pretty sure she only let us sit down because we both had blue and green eyes, and she was pretty stunned, (we call those types of girls snakes) but anyways she had a billion problems in her life, and she has changed completely. Before in her life, she did drugs, drank, was with a different guy each day, and her family is a wreck, but since we`ve taught her in teh last 3 weeks, she`s stopped smoking, stopped drinking, stopped drugs, and she actually had to leave her boyfriend, who she had been with for a few years already, all to get baptized.... She`s so freaking sick! We couldn`t believe how much she had changed, and she was so excited to get baptized. she even went against her family because they didn`t want her to get bapitized. With ALL the odds in the world going against her, she did was the Lord asked, and she`s going to be sooo blessed, and I am so surprised by her example.  
This week was awesome, We did 5 different baptismal interviews, with some of the coolest people ever, and we were able to find some of the coolest people ever too. On saturday we found 2 more families, and yesterday in church we had 12 investigators! I couldn`t believe it. We were super blessed. And on top of that it was sprinkling rain, and when it even looks like its going to rain here in Argentina, nobody does ANYTHING. Everyone just stays in their house, because there is so much mud, so we truly saw miracles this week.  Laura and her kid are progressing amazingly and she has already comitted strongly to be baptized this weekend. We went to her house two days ago, did all the baptismal interview questions, and we finished and she said... chicos... I`m ready to be baptized! Wow how awesome is that! The spirit is so powerful. That`s the biggest thing i`ve learned this week. I have also been reading a lot in acts, when the spirit for the first time in the world began to work like it does now a days, and it`s amazing to see how the apostles were able to have to much success just because of the spirit. I think truly as far as numbers go, they probable converted more poeple than Jesus Christ because of the strength of the spirit. I am so amazed each time.  One of the famlies we found on Saturday is the Family Santander, and we found them by pure miracle, and we sat down, got to know them really well, and said they`d like to go to church, but they live SUPER far, so we were a little worried, but we woke up super early yesterday and passed by each of our investigators and families, and at the end went by them, and we arrived to the boyfriend of the mom, which we hadn`t even met yet, and he said, "what do you guys need?"    "We`re just here to go to church with the family, we met them yesterday and they said they`d go to church with us....."             "oh, okay let me get them" and he left, and then the little girl invited us in, and each of them were still sleeping, one of the little girls had gotten a little sick, and they said "sorry we`re not going to be able to go today" and the only thing I could think of was to say "oh, but we actually already called a taxi, and it`s on it`s way, so just get ready" and as it was coming out I thought... we didn`t call a taxi? And the mom just said "oh, serious? okay... get ready kids!" and even the dad got ready and they all came! All seven of us crammed into a TINY little car and went to church ahhaha. But we visited them last night to see how they liked church, we get there, she invites us into her house, which nobody ever does here, and she said, yeah me and my boyfriend already want to get married to get baptized, and we want all our kids to get baptized too, also, would you like to come eat with us next sunday?.......... WHAT?! How sick is that?! THey are super humble, with a tiny little house, but they`re so awesome I already love them.. I really really really hope they keep progressing. So we`re super excited for them!! Please pray for each of them. The other family we have is the family Monzòn. and they are two girls, Diana, and Daniela, and they are SUPER intelligent. Yesterday they LOVED church, and Diana the older one that`s 13 asks us "Did sin exist before we came to earth?" What 13 year old thinks of a question like that?? They are both super awesome, super excited and everything. But we`re super blessed, and we wouldn`t have been able to see any of this if it weren`t for a miracle. Please pray for each of them and we are going to be working super hard and diligently to help as many of them as we can. I have a big goal for my last transfer, and I know that i`m going to be able to hit it if we just keep working as hard as we can. I don`t know that i`ve ever worked as hard as I am right now, with our area and with the zone as well, so we`re super excited and super ready to just kill it this transfer.  I`m going down swinging like crazy!! This next week we`ve got Zone Leader Councel, so i`ll write you on Tuesday, and a member promised to make us cow tongue, so that`s gonna be cool. But please keep them in your prayers (Laura, Manuel, Sofia, The Familia Santander, The Familia Monzòn, The Familia Franco, and Edgardo, and Nico), and I`m so thankful for each of you. I love you all, have a great week!

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