Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This week we had zone leader councel on monday, tuesday we had our zone training to train our missionaries, and wednesday for a huge lack of sleep since saturday night not getting sleep from the priesthood meeting and having to wake up at 3 am on monday to travel to Resistencia I think my body was just needing a break, and Wednesday I got a bad fever and it was really humid and muggy from all the rain, so that was rough being in the pension, but I feel great now and doing great again.  I`m finishing the new testament right now and i`m super amazed with how many attributes i`m finding of a true disciple of Jesus Christ, and i`m writing them all down. I`ve also been really surprised with how many times it mentions the importance of believing.  I am putting it into practicfe because a little earlier in my mission I put a really high goal for baptisms to have by the time I finished, and I am really close, and with the people we have right now I know we can hit it, so i`m doing my very best, thanks for your prayers! Somethign important I learned this week was to help others.... Romans 15:1-2. and nothing separates us from the love of our Heavenly Father Romans 8:38-39 , some of my favorite scripts now.  On saturday we had to paint the pension getting ready for the elders to move and today we spent our whole p-day helping the sister missionaries move into their new pension, which is in a members house right acrosst he street from us. It was  alittle rough using our whole day for them but i know it`s worth it... We are finally in our pension good now, and we cleaned like crazy. Bleaching everything and painting, and it`s super nice now. Just like new and it`s really gonna help be more tranquilo and have the spirit more.  We found the Familia Ayala this week, and they came to church along with the others that are gonna get baptized this next weekend, so we are expecting some more baptisms!!! Tons of rain this week... Muddier than goodness, but it`s been fun.  The other day we had to cancel our lunch to take the sisters some boots and the elders umbrellas because they didn`t have any, so i`m learning a lot of humility and not being frustrated with things that happen, so it`s been a great lesson. Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a great week!!

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