Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey I don`t have anymore time today, but i`ll just recap really quick because we had a ton of zone leader things to do, but just know that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! IT`S POSSIBLE!!! Phillipians 4¨13. just do hard things!

The Familia Santander is doing great, and we were able to have 2 more baptisms this last week, so that was really exciting! The two little kids are 9 and 10 and i`ll send pics next week. They asked when their placks would arrive to start working with us in the street haha. I love them so much they`re awesome. Their mom is now coming to church as well, which is awesome so we just gotta get them married and baptize their dad as well!  The other day I fell runnign because of all the mud in the morning, so my hand is all messed up but it`s all good.  I`m letting my comp feel a litlte more heat of being a zone leader, so that`s been a lot of fun to watch him progress.  Yesterday they invited us to an asado and I eat just a rediculous amount... they just kept serving and serving and serving, and the asado here is just pure pure pure meat. It was awesome but a lot of food... haha, but it was really cool because here it`s a big deal the person that gets to cut the meat, and the dad just looks at me, and gives me the knife and says "corte usted" which was awesome.  Its a huge honer to be able to cut the meat after it`s done cooking, so that was really cool.. Other than that we expect quite a few more baptisms this weekend so please pray for Alejandra, Milagros, Juan, Natalia, Yamil, Estefan├Ča, and Cinthia!! They all have a baptismal date for this weekend and they`ve all been to church and are super excited, so please pray for them! I love you all thank for everything!! I`m doig great! It`s getting super hot here, so start getting prepared mom and dad!

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