Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Pretty eventful week! 
On wednesday we got a text message from the family that was going to get baptized last week and it said that the mom had gotten in a fight and didn`t want us to come back or anything to do with the church... so that was a pretty crappy thing, but we went on Friday after she had calmed down, and after she had rejected us for that day and thursday as well, and we had one of the most intense lessons i`ve ever had in my mission. The spirit was so strong as we both testified, and really looked for what she needed to hear, and it was so intense how the spirit popped into our heads exactly what she needed. It was incredible and a huge experience for me and Elder Escorcia. It was cool because in conference I remember Uchtdorfs talk about how sometimes we need to just look people in the eye and tell them that they CAN do things. So that popped into my head instantly after she was done explaining herself, and after I said that she started to bawl.. It was so awesome... They came to church yesterday the three of them and they`re going to be baptized this nextcoming saturday.. On saturday we had 5 baptisms of the Familia Santander!!!!!!! Man they are so incredible!! I^ll try to upload some pictures. We also had so many members participate that it was an amazing turn out. The entire family came and also many investigators.  We had 7 people yesterday in church as well, so we`re hoping to have another 3-6 baptims this coming saturday if we can work well enough with them.  We were 11 people walking to church yesterday it was awesome. It was like a parade of people. But here in Argentina it`s required to vote so there were a ton of poeple going to vote and it was funny how they all looked at us in our suits walking through the mud.  I also did a baptismal interview for a lesbian this week, which was pretty awesome to tell the truth. To watch someone go through somethign so difficult in their life, but through our Savior she was able to change completely and now is going to be baptized.  We did divisions a lot this week too which was fun, but i`ve got like 1000 mosquito bites because it`s been so humid.  Something funny this week was on tuesday night we were walking back to our pensh, and a girl without a lot of clothes passed us as we all passed a group of teenage punks that were howling and whisling at her, and as we passed, I looked at the kids and said "ah, Gracias!" (as if they were whisling at me) and then all the kids started laughing their heads off at the one who was yelling and whisling the most and they were like "ahh gay gay!!" laughing at their friend haha, it was awesome.  But I am super stoked for this week, we`re gonna just kill it! My last working week here in the mission... I never thought it`d come... But we have 22 new missionaries coming to the mission this wendesday and 22 the next wednesday  so it`s gonna be SUPER hectic for all the zone leaders getting their missionaries where they need to be, so please pray for all of us and for the familia Santander and the familia Ayala! I love you all thank you so much! 

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