Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

This week has been really fun. On Thursday we went to the capital of this area, and we had interviews with our Mission Presidente, and he taught me a lot, and I really enjoyed my interview with him. I was able to have a really spiritual experience with him. This week me and my companion Elder Creer were praying to find a family, and we prayed to find out who we should go visit, and we were guided to find a family of 9 that is now listening to us, and yesterday one of the kids came to church. It`s been a little miracle for us, and we`re super excited. We are going to keep working with them a lot, and we`re going to try and get the whole family to come to church and everything. Another crazy thing was that yesterday in church the branch presidente stands up after sacrament meeting, and says, "now we will listen to Elder Allsup...." and I just kinda look up at him, and with a puzzled look on my face tapped my chest and gave him a little hint like "are you serious, i`m going to speak now?!" So I grabbed my scriptures and went up on the stand and gave a talk about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and how as members we can be better disciples, and I talked a lot about what the impact of an invitation can have on a person. There are many instances in teh scriptures of entire cities converted just by invitations. For example with Ammon as he converted the king, He just invited him to learn more about God, and the entire nation began to become converted. It turned out really good, and it was a pretty funny experience for my companion to watch. This last week was FREEZING cold. It got down to 3 degrees celsius, which with humidity is absolutely horrific, because coats and things don`t do anything. First time in my life that I honestly wasn`t able to sleep because of the cold. But it`s warming up now so it`s all good.  Plus the washing machine of our neighbor broke, so we`ve been washing everything by hand, which has been fun. I did it the first 8 months of my mission so ìt`s been fun to return. Just takes a while.  I want you to look up on the church website The Work of Salvation, it was a broadcast that went out like a month ago, it`s so AWESOME. Watch it PLEASE!!!! You`ll love it and it`ll help so much! And if you can please start praying for the Peralta family, and Matias Gomez too, that would be awesome, we need some miracles with them.  But thanks for everything, I love you all! Have a great week! Today my companion had to go to Resistencia for a new missionary training so i`m in divisions and we`re enjoying it a ton, it`s with another missionary that leaves here pretty soon, so it`s been fun to talk about all the mission long stuff. But Thanks 

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