Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey Everyone! This week absolutely flew by. Last tuesday we had our zone meeting wtih the whole zone, and directly after we did divisions in a town about 2 hours away, and I was there for 2 days, then I came back and showered and me and Elder Butta had to directly go again to a different town about an hour away to do another baptismal interview, and then later in the week we did 2 more baptismal interviews. We had 5 baptisms in the zone this last week and for the month we hit 10 baptisms,a nd our goal was 9, so we are SUPER excited and we did awesome this month.  COming back from that little town an hour away, the car driver wanted to pick another passenger up to be able to make more money, so he bought a lawn chair and put it in the very very back, so my companion sat in a lawn chair on the way back, going 120 kilometros down the highway all the way home haha I`ve got a pictre I`ll send. It was hilarious. We also were able to have our baptism on friday, of hte little girl of the family that we were able to reactivate, and it turned out GREAT!!  I`ll have to send some pictures next week, I don`t have more time to upload them.  But my birthday was really awesome too. 3 Different families made us a cake and other desserts, and we ate a ton of food. It was crazy, but it was really awesome and really fun.  It was a great birthday weekend and it really helped to just have a great experience in the mission. The mission officially divided on this last friday, so we`re all pretty excited about that. Our mission is just flooding with new missionaries now and A TON of Hermanas. It`s pretty nuts how many we`re receiving every week now. But we have transfers tomorrow so we`ll see what happens. I`ve been here for 4 transfers, but we are still doing really well, so I could easily stay another transfer, so we`ll see! I`m really excited either way!  Today we also went to a really expensive empanada place to celebrate, and we tried 16 different types of empanadas. I`ll send you a picture but it`s definitly a MUST DO when we all come back here at the end of hte year. some of the best food i`ve ever eaten. I`m really excited about it. But we also gave talks yesterday in church about missionary work, and all the members started getting all excited to come hlep us and things, so this week we should be doing some awesome work. But I love you all, thanks for all the help and for everything you do. Thanks for the prayers and thigns. I`ll be sure to send a ton of pictures next week of all these things. Oh and another sad thing is we had to give our kid up for adoption. He left on wednesday and I was still in Divisions. so I didn`t get to say goodbye to him which was sad, but It`s okay. I love that little guy. But I love you all, thanks I hope you have a great week!!!

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