Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 25, 2013

Hey Everyone, pretty crazy week, just like always as a Zone Leader. Our mission is splitting on this friday so it`s been crazy. We recieved even more elders and hermanas this week, and we actually got assigned to train one of them as zone leaders, which is like the first time ever! So that`s been awesome. His name is Elder Quispe from Peru, and he`s awesome, but i`m sad because they just called us like 5 minutes ago and we have to give him up for adoption tomorrow... meaning he`s leaving and the crappy part is, is right now i`m in divisions 2 hours away and I won`t be able to say goodbye to him, so i`m a little sad, but I sent a picture of us three, and next week I`ll send more of us 3. On sunday we made philly cheese steak empanadas, and seriously they were some of the best htings i`ve ever eaten in my life! I can`t wait to make them all for you. We took the great long loved argentine tradition of empanadas and gave it a good ole american twist and the outcome was fantastic. Me and my companion are doing great, and we are seeing a ton of success with the zone, so we`re really happy and doing awesome. This week I learned something really cool. I am loving so much my mission and I was actually a little sad to know it`s going to end in just a few months and I was a little down, but for some reason a few nights ago I just picked up my mini book of mormon in English and just began to read from Jacob and now i`m already almost done with Mosiah, and as I read Mosiah 4 for one of my studies, I really was very comforted to know that we can be just as happy as we are inthe mission, outside fo the mission if we just live th e gospel. I want everyone to just read Mosiah 4 and especially pay attention to verse 12 how it say the world ALWAYS two different times in how we`ll receive so many blessings as we live the principles of the gospel, I was able to feel the spirit and the confirmation of how it`s okay to finish the mission, but luckily i`ve still got a good chunk left and i`m super excited for it. Next week are transfers so we`ll see what happens! We`re all a little sad but really excited about hte mission split, especially me because my other two areas now pertain to the other mission which is a little hard, but it`s gonna be a huge blessing for this part of Argentina. I love you all, and I hope all is well!! Seeya next week!

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