Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 10,2013

June 10 2013

First pic is of the Lemon Pie that our investigator gave us at church


Second is of us eating the Pastelitos that a sister gave to us on saturday(we ended up eating 9 each that night.... it was a wreck but they were great) 


Third is of the BBQ that some members gave us on saturday, but a pretty different BBQ, what he´s serving there on the plate is actually large intestine. We ate a total of Heart, Kidney, Small intestine, and Large intestine... It was awesome, I loved them all to be honest. I will definitely keep that tradition going!


Fourth is of me and Elder Butta eating real american wings that we found some guy who does them, real BBQ hot wings... so good! His wife is actually from South carolina, and it was REALLY weird talking to her in english, especially with her thick southern accent, and she gave us chocolate chip cookies, so that was pretty awesome!


Hey Everyone! Pretty awesome week! On saturday some members invited us to something called a Parrillada, where they basically grill all sorts of awesome meat, and we went and ate Cow Heart, Intestine (large and small) and Kindey! It was delicious and I loved it so much. My companion had a hard time getting it all down, but it was awesome. Just watching his face was hilarious as he tried gulping down those pieces of meat. We also were able to have 12 lessons with a member and 20 other lessons, which is huge! We also found another 25 people to teach which is awesome! Here in Argentina, when we find 25 people, it doens´t necesarily mean that each of the 25 are progressing and we´ll keep teaching them. Most of them aren´t prepared yet, but those are hte amount of people we´ve taught, and had a lesson with. Me and Elder Butta are just doin´ work here now. I love it! The mission is just so much more enjoyable as we´re super diligent and obedient and things. Yesterday was awesome too, because we had 2 people in church, and one of the investigators that came is the daughter of the relief society president, which hadn´t been to church in like 2 years, and she never got baptized, so she´s pretty emotional about that, and it was really cool because quite a few missionaries had passed by the house, but she always really felt pressured and things, but we just took it easy, and got ot know her really well, and we just broke the ice really well with her, and she came to church and made us a lemon pie! Haha so in church she was carrying it around all day until she saw us, and then all the members were like begging us to open it, but we were saving it, so we had to hide it in Guillermo´s car which was pretty funny. But it was a delicious pie. On saturday another member gave us 18 pastelitos too, so we basically just murdered those when we got back to the pensh, and we both felt a little sick, but they were delicious. It´s basically a little fried pastry with like a type of jelly inside, and they´re awesome.  Yesterday we made spaghetti for Guillermo and Viviana and they really enjoyed that, so that was fun.  Lots of cool crazy stuff happened this week but it´s hard to think of it all right now sorry!  I don´t know what it is lately, but literally like every single house we go into gives us food! It´s awesome, but it´s hard not to just pound it all down and keep eating like crazy. Luckily we´re running in the morning and lifting a little with some little weights some other elders left in the pensh, so that´s good. But the zone is doing really good, and the weather is really nice lately. It´s finally cooling down, and at night it´s actually getting pretty cold, and in the morning when we go run it´s pretty freezing at first.  We´re teaching a lot of people right now, but we´re still searching to find those super prepared people that are just ready to accept everything, but I know it´s coming soon, I can just feel it! This week we´ve got a cool multi zone conference with 5 other zones and with Elder Zeballos, he´s from the 70 so that´s awesome, and we´re in charge to get everything ready! So that´s cool, and it´s gonna be awesome. I have been studying a lot about God´s plan for us lately, and it´s just so fascinating how much he loves us. It just blows my mind sometimes how many chances he gives us, and how much he wants us to succeed, and how willing he is to give us the success when we work hard. So keep working hard everyone, and don´t forget to pray and read your scriptures to find out what you need to do! I love you all, sorry for the really scrambled letter, have a great week!

 We have lunch pretty much every single day with members, and we eat enough that we don´t have to eat again basically until breakfast or at night i´ll just eat like a carrot or something

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