Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 20, 2013

May 20

Como están todos?! Everything is pretty good hear. We´ve had some pretty crazy things happen this week, but we´ve also had a really cool last few days. On thursday I did 6 baptismal interviews for our zone, which were AWESOME!! Me and Elder Weight are getting along GREAT, and we´ve actually got transfers tomorrow, so we´ll see what happens. These transfers decide if i´ll stay in this mission or if i´ll go to the other, so it´s gonna be really crazy. Me and Weight are hoping that we´re going to stay together, but we´ll just have to see what´s in store.  It´s starting to get really cold here now, which is weird, because last year it didn´t get cold until like August, but it´s already like 45 degrees, which is pretty rare. the people are saying it hasn´t been like this for a really long time. We had our ward mission activity on Friday night, and we played Jeapardy and had a BBQ which turned out great, and the members got really excited, I sent some pictures, and it was really fun.  It´s crazy, almost all the youth in our ward had their birthdays this week, so I was able to give away my basketball, my football, and my black and white watch to the youth that help us the most, Yesterday was really cool, I was able to give all those things away, and to see their faces was just priceless. I love it so much, the pictures should be there for you all to see. But we´re still working hard, so we´ll see what happens tomorrow night! I love you all, thanks for all the support, have a great week! 

Sorry I don´t really have time this week to write a letter, I got to talk with you all yesterday which was AWESOME and you all look great, so thank you, hope you enjoy the pictures, I love you all, and we are just working hard still!! Juñior went to church this week, so that was AWESOME. Keep praying for him so that he can get baptized! Have a great week, love you all


The first few are of me and Elder Weight, and when we ate like half a jar of Peanut Butter. We just destroyed it haha


The other one is with the mandarine oranges, the biggest i´ve ever seen in my life!


The others are of us in divisions with the office elders, I cooked them a food that my Peruvian compañion showed me and we all loved it!



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