Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! This week was pretty fun, we did divisions like 2 more times, so I was hardly even in my area, but it was really nice because I got to know a few more elders, and it made the week just FLY by. I went to a little tiny town on the outskirts of Resistencia, about an hour away in a tiny little taxi car because they don´t even have busses that get out there, so that was pretty fun. I´ve been eating A TON of grapefruit, because it´s the grapefruit season right now, and seriously i´ve probably eaten like 20 in the past week and a half. Is that bad for you? Do you know if you can get fat off of pomelo? I never liked it before, but they´re super sweet here, and the juice is just delicious. But I did 2 baptismal interviews too, and the two got baptized this last week, which was really cool to see. But we found a kid this week named Juñior, and he is 18, and he is AWESOME. He is the nephew of Viviana, the lady that got married and baptized in our area like a few weeks ago. But this week he told us a really cool story: "Last night at like 1 am, I had nothing else to do, so I grabbed the book you guys gave me and I started to read it, and I read the part you guys marked me, and then after I prayed, and as soon as I prayed, it was like my hands got really cold, and the book got really warm, and I heard this really soft smooth voice that told me in my head that the book was true, and I just felt really really happy and peaceful and calm." It was such a cool experience for us. Me and Elder Weight were excstatic! We both just looked at eachother and almost started shouting with joy because we were so excited. Plus he went and played basketball with the other youth of hte ward, so he´s gonna progress really well I think. He´s really cool, i´ll keep you updated with him next week. But also this week, we had to do a huge favor for the assistants, beause they´re in our zone, but they had to travel and we had to go to one of their families that in progressing and we went, and it´s like 45 minutes away from our area, so we took a super long bus, and we get there, and we asked the 13 year old kid if he read, and he said "yeah I read a little bit in 3 Nefi 11, but I don´t remember a whole lot.... just something about these people bieng surprised about tons of destruction and they heard a voice 3 times but the first 2 times they didn´t understand, then someone from the heavens comes down in a pure white tunic and there is another voice that says this is my beloved son...." and then the 13 year old kid goes on to tell the rest of 3 nefi 11 WORD FOR WORD and it was just incredible!!! We were both so shocked at literally how much he remembered even of the details. It was super awesome! So for all of you that don´t even know what 3 nefi 11 is, you need to read it and do a personal test to see if you can remember as well as this little 13 year old, poor argentine boy! Haha but this week was really awesome, and we are super happy and getting along super great. Two days ago we used my guacamole and other seasonings and we made real steak tacos. they were super delicious! So thanks for all the prayers. Please pray for Juñior and for Guillermo! Also another quick thing, Guillermo and Viviana, the couple that we baptized and married 3 weeks ago was going through an extremely difficult time these last few weeks. He was out of work, and they couldn´t sell their old house so they had nothing and were really scared, so we decided to start praying really hard and we did a fast, and yesterday we passed by, and they said "Kids, we have something to tell you...." and we got a little nervous and scared.... "We sold the lot and we were able to buy a new car, and now Guillermo can go back to being a taxi driver with his own car, and he works a lot closer now!" and it really was just a huge blessing for all of us. The Lord REALLY DOES answer prayers and special blessings will come for OUR OBEDIENCE!! So learn from these experiences. I love you all, thank you so much for everything. Have a great week!!



Tance I can´t explain to you how fun, and how awesome the mission is. It´s the hardest thing i´ve ever done, but the experiences I´ve had i´ll never ever ever forget. Watching people change their lives for good, and watching them get into the water to get baptized is the most amazing feeling you´ll ever see. To watch little kids start behaving better because of the gospel is also an amazing site. Tance I´ve seen really drunk guys who were really bad to their families, change, and now have the preisthood and can pass the sacrament and bless the lives of others. The mission is the most fun thing í´ve ever done. Just think about being far from home with nobody but another 19 or 20 year old kid, just talking and teaching as many people as you can. It´s so awesome! You are going to love it, and I hope you and Tean are preparing right now. It really will change your life forever. IT´S AWESOME!!!! I love you so much Tance, and I hope if you need anything you can tell me. Just know that you can tell me anything you need to, and i´ll do my best to help you! I love you, have a great week, write back!!

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