Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hey everyone, we had a lot to do with the zone today, so I don´t have much time to write sorry, but this week was pretty good. We were able to find a lot of people and we are working a LOT more with the members, and we are able to help everyone out that way. We made a really cool plan for the zone too, which we´re really excited about. There are also grapefruits everywhere, which I have absolutely learned to love SO much, so that´s awesome, and i´m eating them like crazy. We did divisions 4 times this week, so it was pretty crazy, but really fun to get to know all the other elders in the zone.

The zone is doing pretty well. It´s very difficult because I just feel like even though I am doing my best, the results just don´t come, or I feel like there is just never good enough. Which is good, but it´s been pretty difficult to constantly be stressed, and to never have just a moment of being content. There is ALWAYS something else to take care of. Which is good because it really has made me stronger, but i´ve been pretty stressed about all that stuff. Just a bunch of numbers and numbers and numbers, which lead us to be better missionaries, but sometimes I feel like i´m not even a missionary, doing the Lord´s work, I feel like some kind of secretary for some business or something. That has been the rough part about being Zone Leader 1 right now. I feel like it´s been a lot more difficult to actually ENJOY my mission, rather than just solve everyone else´s problems, or try to hlep them solve them. I love working with all the other elders though. It´s pretty awesome to be able to help one of them, or to be able to teach so much and look for so many opportunities to constantly help them get better as missionaries, and in that sense I absolutely love it, and it has been a huge aid in my life, and i´ve learned so much! But I´m doing great still, and I´m still working my guts out with Elder Weight, and I´m very thankful for the prayers, thanks for always keeping me in them!! Have a great week!!


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