Friday, April 26, 2013

April 22, 2013

This week was a little crazy! We did splits with 3 different areas, so I wasn´t in my area a whole lot this week, which made the week just absolutely fly by, and it was crazy waking up yesterday thinking it was already yesterday. This sunday was pretty eventful as well, Guillermo got the priesthood, and I also gave a talk on the Atonement in the ward, and it went really well. They both went really well. It was so cool after Guillermo got the priesthood, because we actually invited them to have lunch (in their house) and we made them tacos. The first time in their lives that they´ve had tacos, and they LOVED them, and Guillermo gets a little serious after about 20 minutes and says, hey kids.... I felt something today..... I felt such a peaceful, and joyful feeling as you guys gave me the preisthood today.... what in the world was that? And I just got a huge smile on my face, and I got really excited, and we were able to teach him about hte spirit, and how it works, and he was really happy about it. It was a really cool spiritual moment for all of us to enjoy.


I heard a little bit about the whole boston stuff, not ton though. What exactly happened? But even though the end is getting near, you don´t need to worry. I was thinking about that a lot with my companion, and we just had a pretty peaceful conversation, that the Lord will protect us. Don´t worry about it, he knows what he´s doing, and sometimes he requires things like this to happen to judge the wicked, and to give those people a better opportunity. There are lots of things that come into play, but don´t worry. Keep living the gospel the best you can and you´ll never have to worry, I promise!! just trust our Heavenly Father, and pray, and ask for the spirit, and I promise you´ll be comforted. Put it into practice and you´ll see the results I promise!


I learned a lot this week, and it was a really great week to learn. Difficult, but really good. I learned a lot about making decisions. Because I feel like outside of the mission, and for those that have never served, i´m sure sometimes they think that the spirit basically just tells us when to step, where, how fast, and how firm, but it´s not exactly like that. THere are CONSTANT decisions that we have to make as missionaries, and EVEN MORE as a Zone Leader, and sometimes you just don´t have that 1000000% assurance of the spirit right away, and sometimes you feel like you didn´t make the right decision right away. It´s just a huge learning process, and I love it, but it´s pretty difficult at times. There are lots of things I wish I could tell you with lots of detail, and lots of things i´d love to tell you, but I don´t want you to worry, or have any doubts. I´m doing wonderful, i´m learning a lot, and i´m truly learning how to be a man as well, even though sometimes it may not seem like it from way up there in Gringo land! We had interviews with Presidente this morning, after our zone training, and it was a really powerful and spiritual interview. I have grown to love my Mission Presidente so much so far, and he really is called of God. I have a strong feeling about that. He has helped me a ton. He expects a ton, and he´s always pushing us to the edge, especially being here in Resistencia, but he told me some things that i´m going to remember forever. I also talked to him about what it means to have a prayer in your heart, and he was able to help me understand that a litlte more, which was really cool. I hope everyone can study a little more about that, and try to do it! But I love you all, thanks for all the support and love and for the prayers!! Have a great week, and I´ll talk to you all next week! Love Elder Allsup

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