Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 15, 2013

First two pictures are of the baptism of Guillermo and Viviana!!

Third is me and Guillermo after he got out of the water
The others are of just stuff!

The one of all the boys are the youth of our ward, not all, but those that are super awesome, the one on the far right is the one that was born in Delta Utah

But this week was really awesome, we had a really fun time at the baptism, our Mission President actually came, which was really cool! A little nerve racking, but a cool experience, he was happy with how it turned out. For transfers, me and Elder Weight both stayed, nothing really changed with us, but our whole zone basically changed. On wednesday we were in the terminal basically the whole day, and since we´re in Resistencia, all the elders traveling basically pass by us, and we have to constantly talk with all the other zone leaders to send elders and recieve them, and it´s just nuts, but it was a ton of fun at the same time. I really like it. In our zone they replaced a lot of elders. In one area they actually took both elders out, and put two new ones in , and one is fresh off the MTC training now, so that´s going to be fun. We´ve been checkign on him a lot and he´s doing awesome. Other than that, not a whole lot really happened this week, we´re still waiting for the Vallejos´ divorse paper to come through, which is looking like it´ll come through in about 2-3 weeks, so we´re hoping everything is good with that. On saturday we ate with one of the members, and I think I ate more in that meal than any other meal in my entire life. We had 3 big huge pieces of Sopa Paraguaya, it´s a litlte like corn bread with a lot of cheese, but it´s DELICIOUS, and then we each ate like 11-12 empanadas each, of meat and chicken. It was pretty rediculous. It was so good though. I felt like my stomach was going to just explode. Then at the baptism they had a cake, and some other awesome little snacks, and the baptism was just great. Guillermo was so happy. We are working with him now to get the priesthood next week. They´ve been waiting for so long, and it was just a huge blessing and relief to finally watch them get baptized. I don´t have anymore time, this computer isn´t working well, so I´ll try to write more next week, thanks for everything, I love you all, have a great week! Espero que estén todo bien, y que sigan adelante!


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