Monday, April 8, 2013

April 1, 2013

Happy Easter to everyone! Here in Argentina Easter is actually called "Semana Santa" or "Holy Week", and it´s actually a holiday that lasts for the whole entire week, since last wednesday, until this wendensday basically, and we also found out this week soemthing funny about Argentina, it´s actually got more holidays than any other country in the whole entire world! Which is pretty funny, because it really does feel that way. It´s like every other week is a holiday here, which is pretty funny, but it´s just part of the awesome culture! And I love it here.

Something I learned this week is that sometimes we are always looking outward at other peoples´ errors, and mistakes, and we get so angry and so frustrated with others, when we forget to look in the mirror and realize that we aren´t perfect either, and that we have a lot of errors as well. It´s a hard thing not to judge people, but it´s so crucial to always be humble and to always be looking for things to better in our lives. That´s why I´m so thankful for the scriptures, because as we read the words of the prophets and things, we don´t have to make the same mistakes or have the same errors as they did, and we can truly learn so much. I hope you´re always reading and trying to apply the scriptures to your life and things! If all goes well, this wednesday Guillermo and Viviana are going to get married!!! And also Wednesday we´ll find out when the Family Vallejos can get married, so we´re SUPER excited about everything! I have been running 3 miles every morning with my companion, and I have actually learned to really love running, so that´s something pretty cool lately. Never thought i´d run so much in my mission. The only annoying thing, is that here in Argentina most people don´t wake up until like 9 or so, so sometimes all the dogs outside are sleeping as well, and when we pass them they wake up and get startled, and we have to run even faster to get away from them haha, so if you were all wondering if it really is a matter of running from dogs in the mission.... Here in Argentina, it is! This week was also the Dad of hte Vallejos family´s birthday, so we made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for him, and they all LOVED the cookies. They also invited us to a BBQ lunch for his birthday, so that was really cool. If you guys can please pray a lot for the Vallejos and Guillermo and Viviana I know it´ll help, we need it! Thanks for all your prayers, and for all the love, it really means a lot, and I hope everyone is really excited for Conference!! We are all really excited here! So I hope everyone starts preparing now! I love you all, have a great week!

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