Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey everyone, I hope conference was awesoem for everyone! And that everyone could recieve answers to their prayers and questions. I sure did recieve a lot of revelation and I really did feel the spirit very strongly. I was able to gain a special testimony of a few things as well, which has helped me a lot. My favorite part of conference was definitely gaining a much stronger testimony, that we EACH have a very important role to play in our lives. That was somethign that was really strong to me this conferene. That each person has a role to play in our Heavenly Father´s plan, and that we really do MATTER to him so much. My favorite talk was probably from the Sister Elaine S. Dalton. She came to speak to us while I was inthe MTC too, and I just absolutely love her talks. She´s so awesome! It was just really cool to finally have it click, that we really do have a plan, and God really has a plan for each of us, and we just have to do our part, and we have the Spirit to guide us to know if we´re doing it well or not. It was cool too, because this time I didn´t have to translate, and all the Gringos were able to go to the mission office and watch it in english, so that was a lot of fun to be with like 8 other english elders and be able to watch conference that way.

This week was really cool, because Guillermo and Viviana finally were able to get married!! It was hilarious too, because Viviana got all dressed up and looking nice, and Guillermo just shows up in like a plaid shirt and jeans, and it was just hilarious. I love them so much. I attached a picture of them, I hope you can see it well. The plan is that they get baptized this saturday too, so please pray for us and for them! Also, the Vallejos family came to EVERY session of conference, and the dad even came to Priesthood. They absolutely loved it, and it was so great! In between the last sessions we were able to sit in the park in front of the church and we sat with them while they ate, and they shared some snacks with us, which was really cool. I have really grown to love them so much as well. Next week we should be able to plan what day they are going to get married too, the only problem and reason why they aren´t baptized is because he got divorced a long time ago, and he had to update one of his papers, and we don´t know when that´s going to be done. The people said by next week it should be good, so we´re hoping they can get baptized around the 20 of april, so we´re all really excited.

Me and Elder Weight are getting a long really really well. We are like best friends, and we work really well together. We are running even more and more now in the morning. Saturday we ran 4.4 miles which was awesome. Our schedule changed yesterday too, so now our schedule is we wake up at 6:30, do our exercises and breakfast and get ready and we have personal study at 8, then at 9 we have companionship study. At 10 we have language study, and at 11 we leave to start working, and we have lunch from 12:30-1:30, then from 1:30-9:00 we are working again, and we get home and plan from 9:00-9:30 and then we go to bed at 10:30. So it´ll be nice for a change. THe only thing is, is that here in Argentina and even moreso here in Resistencia, the people sleep during the siesta, which is from like 1:30-4 ish, and it´s really hard to find people during that time sometimes, especially if it´s hot, because everyone eats a huge lunch, and goes to sleep. But it´s going to be awesome. We´re just gonna keep working like crazy and teaching and doing what missionaries do! I made wheat bread yesterday, which actually turned out really good, so that´s kinda cool. Sounds like everyone is doing really well, and i´m so glad! It´s finally cooling down a lot here which is nice, it´s finally bearable to go outside. This week we have transfers, so we´ll see what happens. It´d be pretty wierd that either of us leave, but you never know what the Lord´s got in his plans. So this week will be a little nuts with that, but we´re really excited. Thanks for everything. I hope all is well, I love you all, have a great week!

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