Monday, March 25, 2013


Pretty good week this week. We had Zone Leader Councel this monday, then on tuesday we had the zone meeting with all the Elders which was alot of fun, then I went on Divisions 2 hours outside of our area, which was crazy because it rained the entire time, and I just got completely covered in mud, and the mud here has a lot of cement from all the construction and the poeple don´t watch what they´re doing, and they don´t take care of anything, so when you get all muddy and it dries, it´s literally like a little bit of cement, which is sucky, but it´s pretty fun. The divisions were really fun, and we were able to do a lot of good things. Other than that, not a whole lot happened this week. It´s starting to cool off quite a bit, which is really nice. Also, this morning we went with Guillermo and Viviana to finally be able to start the papers for getting married, because the place was still on strike, and actually it still is, but there is a lady that´s going to help us out. So we are planning that they´ll get married next wednesday! Finally! Haha so that´s going to be good.

Something I´ve learned this week, or rather than learned, is comprehended better, is this week I was able to understand more about The Plan of Salvation, in that, God obviously can´t look at any sin with any bit of happiness, but I did understand better, that God is going to judge us for the desires of our hearts, and how we treated other people. In Alma I was reading a lot this week. Alma chapter 40-41 which was really cool. You should read Alma 41 and I think you´ll understand a little more about what I am talking about. Just make sure to read, and pray, and wait for the Spirit to confirm to you, that what you read is true, adn that you can understand it better. It´s really cool how that works. Also, yesterday, we had a special stake conference here in Argentina, that was actually a broadcast by satellite from Buenos Aires, and 2 Elders from the 70 and Russel M. Nelson was actually there too, and they all spoke castellano (Spanish for Argentines) Which was pretty cool! Something I learned from them, that they talked about a lot, is that Salvation is Personal.... But Exaltation is with our families, and they talked about how important it is to have a wife, and family, that is willing to do their part to get to the celestial kingdom, and I really understood a lot better, about how imporatant it is to have a spouse that will pull their weight. It was cool because out of all the things Elder Russel M. Nelson, a living Apostle, could talk about, he talked about that. And it really hit me. So somethign to think about!! How important is it to pick the right spouse?!

Sounds like everyoen is doing really good, thanks for everything, and thanks for all the prayers! I love you all, have a great week!

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