Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18,2013

Hey mom i´m on, with some great mission news.... In the mission field now we can actually write our friends directly, or any other family members, so if you could please announce that in my blog, and on facebook or somethign I would really appreciate it!, and it´´s not against mission rules anymore or anything! So now I can write Josh and Tanner and all them which will be a huge blessing!! And when does Tean leave on the mission?!

Hey everyone!

Pretty good week! Just a little hectic, but to be honest nothing really big. That´s really cool to hear that Preston got set apart! Today we had Zone Leader Councel, and there is an Elder from spain that´s super awesome, I love him to death, and he´s really cool. That´s crazy Tean went through the temple!! I can´t believe how all this is happening! It´s weird, because I expected it all of course, but now that it´s all happening is really crazy! It´s gonna be awesome to speak spanish with everyone. I´m sure it´ll be pretty funny to see how different all our accents will be. Mine is already pretty different than Dad´s, and there are a few mexicans in our mission, and their accent is pretty funny too, so that´s gonna be fun! Thanks for the advice with the whole missionary award thing, I think we´re gonna do that because some of the Elders are just slobs. But i´m learning a lot from everything, and I´m so thankful to my Father in Heaven for the opportunity to serve, and to be here in Argentina, in this beautiful place, and to be with all of these amazing people. I´m super excited for General Conference, and I´m sure it´s going to be great just like always.

This week was really cool, because our neighbor is a lady of like 90 years old, and has hated all the missionaries until now, and we finally were able to make friends with her, and me and Elder Weight are like her best friends now haha, and she actually gives us dessert like every few days, and she greets us every single morning, and she just loves us to death! We actually gave her a Book of Mormon now too, which is pretty cool, so we´ll see what happens! She always wakes up, and says "¡Buen día vecinos!" (Good morning neighbors!) haha it´s the cutest, coolest thing ever because she´s super old. I´ll take a picture with her and send it next week. But I love you all, thanks for the prayers, keep them going, we need them!! Have a wonderful week!

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