Friday, March 8, 2013

March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013


Photo uno: Me infront of a huge tree

Photo dos: Me and Elder Pusey eating Hot Wings! We found a guy from the states that makes hot wings!! How cool!!

Photo tres: Me Elder Pusey and Elder Posadas. Elder Posadas was in my other apartment, and I love the guy to death, him and Elder Guest finished the mission this wednesday and should be home now

Photo cuatro: Me and Elder Pusey as he left the in the terminal, he got shipped off to Posadas again!

Photo cinco: Me and some elders in my district that I got a long with a ton and I love the heck out of em both, but they both got shipped off to other areas this transfer

Photo seis: We rescued a baptism in an area right next to ours, they closed the area but we took over and were able to baptize the kid!




Friends and Family, once again, Monday has come!

Hey Everyone!! This week was probably the craziest week of my whole mission!!

Starting off, on Tuesday we had a “Movie Night” in the church with our investigators, the Vallejos Family, and we watched the Restoration with Joseph Smith, and they absolutely loved it. We also made some homemade popcorn which they thought was awesome too, and it turned out great. But that night, we received the news of transfers, and Elder Pusey got sent to Posadas, and my new companion is Elder Weight, from Springville Utah. The news was really crazy, because Zone Leaders usually stay together for quite a bit of time, but due to visas, tons of elders didn´t arrive in the mission, and they had to close a lot of areas, because a ton of Elders finished the mission as well, so he is going to go train in Misiones, and i´m actually Zone Leader 1 now, which is really rare to only have 1 transfer as Zone Leader, and already be in charge of the whole entire zone! So please pray for me to be able to lead our zone well, and to do what we need to do. We´ve had a crazy week and we´re really excited to start working like crazy, and make some changes in the zone. On Wednesday I had to go to the Terminal where all the buses are, and since we´re in Resistencia, where basically EVERY single elder that has to go to a new area has to pass through Resistencia, so it´s pretty crazy for us, but it´s a lot of fun to see all the Elders, and to have to send them on buses, and to make all their plans and all that stuff. So Wednesday from 11 am to 8pm I was running through the terminal like crazy sending elders off, and receiving them as they came in and all that, and it was absolutely nuts! But super fun, and exciting. Also, they closed the area right next to our area because one of the elders finished his mission, and the other stayed without a companion, so we had to work there the last 2 days, and it was super crazy. Friday we go to visit one of their investigators, Ezekiel, age 9. The Elders informed us that he wasn´t very excited or ready to get baptized, even though he had gone to church like 4 weeks in a row with his dad, who is a member for a long time. So we go to the house, we are super excited with him and we give him a ton of excitement , and we invited him to be baptized the following day and he accepted!! So that day we started calling the whole ward to help us organize the baptism and all that, and it was nuts! Then on Saturday we made probably roughly 50 calls to members and the Bishop and all sorts of people, and trying to get the baptismal clothing and the people to give talks, and all sorts of craziness, but when all was said and done, he got baptized and was confirmed yesterday!!

Some cool things that i´ve done with the Zone already, is that once a week we do a conference call with all the Elders, and I invented somethign called, The Moment of Success. And each companionship has a few minutes to tell us all somethign that went really good for them, and they have a second to brag a little and to get all the other elders excited, and it´s working awesome! I love it, and all the other elders look forward to it each week, so that´s something really cool that i´ve been able to change so far. It´s so much fun. I love talking to the Elders and helping them out, and doing tons of divisions. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a zone leader!

Also, thank you so much for the package! I got it this week, and everything is absolutely awesome! And I was not expecting it at all, so it was a really awesome surprise!! Thanks for all who contributed! Our investigators are doing great. Guillermo and Viviana are going to go to the marraige place this wednesday to get their papers ready, and The Vallejos family is SO AWESOME. They family of 4. They all came to church yesterday and loved it, and we are working a lot with them, they are also working on getting married, so please be praying for all them! We also have like 5 other people that are coming to church and progressing really well, i´ll let you know more about them next week. We are super blessed right now in our area, in our zone, and just in general, and we are working really hard to be thankful. So thank you so much for all your prayers, and for all the support. Right now in the zone we´re doing things that have never been done, and we´re seeing success that´s never been seen. So thanks for all you are all doing, please keep it up! Our area has never had so many progressing investigators, and the zone in general hasn´t either, so we are extremely blessed right now and we´re doing what we need to!! Thanks for everything. I love you all, have a great week!!


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