Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 28 2013

May 28


This week was absolutely crazy, we had transfers again, and we had a
baptismal interview, which everytime someone is going to get baptized,
we have to go interview them to make sure that they`re ready, and so
we had to travel 3 hours away to go do the interview, and when we got
there, the girl wasn`t there! So we had to stay with the elders, and
work with them until we finally found her, and then I did the
interview which was awesome, she passed and it was all good and stuff,
but we didn`t get back in time for our bus, so we had to actually go
to another area of elders to help them out, and we slept on the floor
that night and we took a bus really early in the morning to travel
back to our area, which was just crazy! I also got a new companion,
and we were actually in the MTC together, and we get along great,
which is awesome and we`re really excited. I showed him a picture of
you and he says Hi, and that you`re super pretty,and wants to know if
you have any friends? Hahaha But the biggest thing I learned this
week: There is no sacrifice too big for the Lord. Even though we had
to do all that stuff, when I got done interviewing that girl, she was
SO happy and filled with joy that I was just ecstatic and really
excited for her, and it made it ALL worth it completely!  She was so
happy it was awesome. Our Entire zone changed though, and we had 2
white washes, which means when they take out the two elders that are
there, and replace them with 2 new elders, which happened 2 times in
the zone, and on top of that, they`re both sister missionaries now!
Which has been crazy. And we have to talk with the missionaries every
night, so it`s been weird talking with sister missionaries at night
now, but they`re both doing awesome and we`re super excited for them.
Our mission is basically being split, so as of right now i`m like 90%
chance of ending in this mission, not in Posadas, the other mission,
soi`m really excited about that.  3 Other areas in our zone are now
training missionaries too, which is crazy! We`re just full of awesome
new surprises in the zone which will be really fun.  This last
Saturday was Argentina`s independence day, so for a ward wehad an
activity, and the bishop bought 135 POUNDS of meat and grilled it all
up! I`ll send some pictures, it was crazy!! But really awesome! I have
never eaten so much meat in my life, but it was absolutely delicious.
Also yesterday we had Zone Leader councel, and my “Trunky Papers”
arrived, which all missionaries get when they`ve got 6 months left to
starty buying their plane tickets home and things so i`ll send a
picture of that too.  But it was a crazy week! Lots of changes, but
we`re way excited!! Thanks for all the support, have a great week!!!


Meat from the activity

Trunky Papers

Our Zone now!

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