Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3 2013

Hey everyone! Pretty calm week. Well as for a zone leader. We still had a ton of things, but it was pretty calm and we were able to really focus on our area, which was SUPER nice, after a few weeks of pretty crazy travels and things.  Me and Elder Butta are super awesome companions. We work extremely well together, which has been a huge blessing, and a lot of fun. He`s from Las Vegas Nevada, and he was in my MTC group, so we`ve got exactly the same time, and in the MTC we were already like best friends, and we are just working like crazy with teh members here, which has been awesome. Last night our land lord lady gave us a huge piece of cake... so that was awesome.  Also, an investigator invited us to eat lunch with him on saturday which worked out good because we didn`t have any members because we forgot to take our lunch thing to church. Also we started fasting on saturday and we literally received more food that day than I`ve ever gotten in my whole mission. Someone gave us 8 home made alfajors, another gave us 2 pieces of fried cake, and another gave us a loaf of bread... it was insane! And of course it jsut had to be on fasting day, but luckily we just told them we had just barely eaten and we were stuffed, and they let us take it all home and yesterday we just had a huge feast haha. On saturday as well, we were able to find a really cool family, called the family Parras, and the dad is actually a member, and we met with teh family, and one of their kids came to church yesterday, his name is Julian, and he seemed to like it, so we`re excited about that, and we`re gonna see if he`s able to progress!! We had a lot of really cool experiences yesterday as well, starting off with sacrament meeting, and in our ward, we actually have the stake patriarch, so we usually get a lot of people from the whole mission to come get their patriarchal blessings, and yesterday a man came from about an hour away, and he`s a convert of 4 months. He`s completely blind, and he came all dressed up perfectly, and as we walked in, he recognized how we talk as gringos, so he asked us to tie his tie for him, and he gave one of the most powerful testimonies in his testimony in the sacrament meeting, and it was really cool how excited he is to just be a member of the true church on the earth. It was a pretty big eye opener for me to see how greatful he was, and made me reflect a little bit of how big of a blessing it REALLY is to be a member of this church. Then after church we get a call from some of the sister missionaries in the zone,a dn one of them just got here like a week and a half ago, and she`s pretty shell shocked and she asked for a blessing, so we called President to get permission, and we were able to all go to the chapel in their area to give her a blessing. It was cool too, because Guillermo, my convert from here, is a taxi driver, so he took us and we went to the chapel and we asked himto stay to watch, and he loved it. It was difficult because I did it in english, and literally it was actualy very difficult to speak in english, so that was pretty interesting, and it really made me rely on the spirit, which was a cool experience. And then later last night we called and arranged a meeting with the stake president, so we left our area again to go have a meeting with him, because now the zone leaders have to have at least 1 meeting with him per month to talk about how the work is going in the stake, and it was really cool.  Just a really cool day, and really fun. This week we were able to have a ton of lessons as well, adn find a lot of people. We worked like crazy, and we found 25 new people to teach, and had almost 30 lessons, which is a pretty darn good week, and `we`re excited to just keep going! Hope everyone is good and has a wonderful week!! Con mucho amor, Elder Allsup

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