Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 15 2013

July 15

Wow, one of the best weeks of my whole mission. So many awesome things happened that I don`t even know where to start. Well, actually I do... At the beginning of the week we found a less active family - Los Corvalan. It`s a Dad of like 30 a mom of like 28, they aren`t married, but they`re both members, and they have 2 kids, Javier y Tiago, and Javier is 9 and isn`t baptized, so we found them, and we had a really awesome lesson with them and got them really excited to come to church and we offered to help them with everything and yesterday all 4 of them came to church and loved it! It really was an incredible experience, and they`re all really exctied. Our plan is to get Javier baptized in a week or two, and that will get them excited to get married, so that they stay active in the church and thigns as a family, and in a few horus we have a family night with them, where we invited some other members to come with us. On saturday our branch presidente asked us to give talks too, but we had no time to prepare, so literally as I was walking up to the pulpit yesterday in church to give my talk, I was still deciding what I was goign to speak on. But literally!! Haha so that was awesome, but to be honest I felt really good about it. I spoke on the Spirit and how he`s the third member of the godhead, and I spoke more about the doctrinal side of the spirit, what his role is and his purpose, and the members really seemed to like it, because it wasn`t so simple that they felt like they knew everything, but wasn`t so complex that they didn`t udnersdtand, and I had a few people actually want copies... So i`m not sure how i`m going to tell them that I didn`t really ahve a plan on what I was going to speak about haha. IT was also really awesome because we`ve been working a ton with the youth of the branch, adn after church we had 4 of them coming up to us asking when they can come with us! So that`s a huge blessing and we`re really trying to get them all excited with soem activities and just by being really cool with them. Just amaizng how the spirit works. But this last week we also were able to have 12 lessons with a member and 16 others, and we found 40 people, and 31 of which have baptismal dates...Which is one of the most successful weeks i`ve ever had. Probably one of the hardest weeks i`ve ever worked as well. It`s amazing here. I love it so much. Me and my son get along great and we work really well together. He`s learning really fast as well. Today I spent the last 5 hours DEEP cleaning the pension. IT`s been about 15 or so years that the pension has been cleaned, so you can imagine. I will send soem before and after pictures next week. I used so much bleach that my hands started to lose the first layer of skin. But it was such a great week.   This week I really was able to feel the spirit very strongly a few different times, and I want to let you know everyone that this really is the true gospel. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. There is NO way any man could have written the book of mormon. I know that he was called to restore the gospel, and I know that God really does listen to our prayers. I hope everyoen has great plans for their lives and that you are telling your plans to our heavenly father!! I love you all have a great week! There is so much more i`d love to tell you but I don`t have more time!

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