Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Hey I´m feeling a lot better now, and I´m almost not sick anymore! So no need to worry! The members really took care of me. A few of them even stopped by the apartment just to give me a remedy of medicine or a tea or something. They´re so awesome.  With Regaurds to the package, everything is awesome! Those little books of Missionary answers have helped me so much! I had a few questions and those things solved them right up!  Same with the songs. They´re so awesome. It´s really nice to have a bunch of new music, thanks for doing that. When Tean and Tance go on their missions they´ll be able to use all of them! I´m starting a list too, of all the advice for their missions, so when Tean gets closer to his mission, I´ll send it to you.  Will you search the youtube video that I said a few weeks ago, and search for the songs? I want to see if they can be bought or sent to me somehow please! Or if you want, ask Josh or Charli to do it, i´m sure they´d love to.  The reason I wanted the quadruple, is because I am going to read it cover to cover, The Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Grand Price. It´s gonna be awesome. I can´t wait. I´ve got it all calculated out too, and If I want to read the whole thing in exactly one year, I have to read 7 pages per day, which is sweet. I´m going to study it though, so I have a feeling it´ll take a little longer than a year, because i´m going to mark them up and search them, not just read to read.  All 2480 pages, not including the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary.  I´m going to write down all the insight and cool things I find. I´m excited.  Some funny things that happened this week:
Argentines LOVE to talk. They talk A TON. So it´s a little difficult sometimes to leave, when we have another leccion to go teach, and sometimes we have to improvise. So this week we found out our cellphone has a "Fake Call" function. And now we use it pretty much on a daily basis. It´s great haha. We just push a button, and it starts to ring like a call. It´s even better that we can speak english, so my companion will just whisper under his breath "hey fake a call" and they have no idea he even said anything, and then all of a sudden the phone rings. It´s pretty great. Also, when I teach, I like to use a lot of examples to help people understand. For example, when we explain you have to read, ponder, and pray to know if the Libro de Mormon is true, I use the cake example.  "Hermana, If we have a big cake here, what do you have to do to know if it´s a good cake? You have to try it!" Well I did this example this week with baptism, and one of the people told me.... "You can´t compare a baptism with cake, it just doesn´t work that way" and began to tell me how that is a horrible thing that I´d compare baptism with a cake. Haha it was hilarious. She was serious though, and didn´t understand that it was just an example. But it was funny. 
Yesterday Sergio got the Priesthood, and he´s super super excited. It was so cool watching him get the priesthood. He was so excstatic to be able to bless the sacrament. He has 22 years, and he acted like a 15 year old. (Not in a bad way at all, just excited) It was pretty cool.  I can´t wait to see him pass the sacrament. Sergio is the one with the big Dread Locks, and he cut those off, but not his whole hair yet, we´re still waiting for that. But I think he´ll do it. The Family Almeida is going to get baptized this week! We´re really excited to have some good pictures of them this next week when I write you all. It should be really a great thing. THey´re so ready. They´´ve been ready for a few weeks now. They haven´t missed one time going to church, even when it´s been freezing cold, and this week we found out the mom only has 1 lung! How crazy. What a sacrifice. IT´s really cool to see the change in them. 
Thanks everyoen for everything.  I love you all, Hope all is well. Sounds like Tance´s birthday was awesome! I can´t beleive he´s 16! That´s so crazy to me. You´ll have to send me a picture of the new car! Hope all is well, Hope the summer is going good for everyone! Nos Vemos, Elder Allsup

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