Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey Everyone! Sounds like everyone is good! I lost a little bit of
weight from being sick, but I think i´ve already gained it all back,
and a little more, haha, but i´m eating a lot better. It´s getting
really cold here, so all the people give us warm milk with like a
scone type food, which isn´t helping a whole lot, but i´m doing
excercises in the morning! That´s so crazy Tance is blessing the
sacrament and that he´s got his driver´s license!! And Sawyer just
turned 14! Wow, and Tean! Did he move out yet? That ride along would
be sweet, I´ve always wanted to try that. The police here are pretty
crazy. Sometimes they go on strike, and all the police cars just start
sounding their sirens super loud and everyone has to go inside because
they are so crazy, and it´s not safe at all. But it´s pretty funny to
watch them.  Is he going to move out, Tean? Thanks for the garments,
they help keep warm, it´s pretty freezing here right
now. It´s a completely different kind of freezing than in Utah, it´s
really humid here, so the coats and things don´t seem to do a whole
lot.  That should be fun the family reunion! I´m glad everyone is
going, and I hope it´s fun! Tell everyone Hi and that I love them all!
 Yeah pancakes are pretty easy to make here, but the people don´t know
what they are! And it´s so funny, I keep giving members the Sour
Warheads you all gave me, and they don´t have sour things here, so
their faces are literally the funniest things on this earth, and I
have to video it for you guys. It´s hilarious.  Sounds like the rugby
things are going good for Tance! Sounds like they´ll be fun to watch
when I get home.  That´s kinda crappy he´ll be a beetdigger, when he
could have been a Silverwolf. Way cooler! ahah no but that´s cool.
Charli´s mom will be happy about that, Í´m pretty sure she went to
Jordan High School.
On Thursday we helped build a house for one of the families we´re
teaching, so that was pretty fun to just build for a few hours! I
really appreciate all the emails, thanks for always sending me
everything, I know it takes a lot of time.  I love reading how
everyone is doing.  That song Bless My Son is really cool, from the
ones you sent me. I like them all really.  I´m sad I´m missing the
Olympics, but it´s cool to be in another country for the Olympics,
It´ll be fun to be cheering for Argentina for this once :) But I think
i´ll be Argentine when I get older anyways. I love it here. It´s so
fun to be living in a different country, with a Different language. I
am seriously thinking about when I´m a lot older, just moving here
with my family for a few months at a time. It´s awesome. I love
everything here. Just not during summer. It´s horrible. Tooooo hot.
That´s hilarious about dad´s matress. That´s a pretty mean joke
though! I don´t know if i´d have the guts to do it.  That´s awesome
Charli is going to go with you guys to the reunion, should be great!
Make sure to take lots of pictures.
Sorry not a whole lot to say this week, but I love you all, thanks for
*Elder Quynton Allsup*

PS...Hey we are going to Center today, and i´m going to send a letter for grandma and grandpa, y grandma and grandpa erlebach, and gigi and papa, i´m going to send them to you guys, will you please send them? or take them to them and you can read them together? they aren´t much but i wanted to do it because they´ve sent me stuff, thanks. Tell charli i´m sending her one too, and also to Jason and Leanne, tell them please so they know it´s coming, it´ll be about 2 weeks, if it doens´t get to them have them tell me because i took pictures.  thanks love you, i´ll write later

Hey I ended up sending all the letters in one, so if you can, will you
please take out the letters to the grandparents and then just resend
that letter to Jason and Leanne so it´s cool for them to get a letter
from argentina? I hope it all works, it costed me a ton of money! Like
$15! But i´m not worried, it means a whole lot to me, and I hope it
helps everyone out. Thanks mom. Sounds like all is well! I forgot my
paper to write what I was going to write for the week, so I´ll write a
little bit later with all that. But it sounds like everyone is doing
well! I can´t beleive Tance is freaking driving!! How crazy is that!
And Sawyer just turned 14. That´s so crazy to me. Has Tean moved out
yet? Sounds pretty cool, his ride along with Eric! I´ll be in this
place for like 20-30 more mintues, so feel free to write, I´ll include
my longer letter a little bit later for the blog.

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