Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey Everyone,

 Everything is pretty calm around here, not a whole lot new! This is the last week of transfers, and it looks like i´ll get transfered tomorrow. Which will be good, i´ve been here forever and I really love it and all, but it´s getting a little more difficult doing literally the same thing with the same scene with the same exact everything with the same people for like 8 months.  So i´m excited for whatever happens. I love this area so i´m not worried to stay, but it´ll be fun to go experience other areas! 
This week we found a kid named Leandro at a bus stop. He is 17 and was smoking a ton, so we decided to talk to him. He looked pretty worn out. Just the look on his face was really like he was 90 years old about to end his life or something, so we talked to him, had a few lessons with him, and he came to church yesterday, and hes really excited to get baptized. Hes really awesome, and hes going to stop smoking. His family is really catholic so we´re going to be really needing some prayers, so if you will remember to keep him in your prayers please, that would be awesome. 
 Yesterday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting, which was a little different because of it being in spanish, but I felt like I did good, and somebody needed something I said. But the guy after me was really really tiny who bore his testimony after me, and he guy after him said "With the Elder and his height, and with the other brother, we see that the church has really hit all parts of the world, and comes in many different forms now!" and everyone started laughing, it washilarious. But I hope all is well. Sounds like the family reunion was really fun! Sounds awsesome that Tance is driving and all his friends can give people rides! Sounds like everyone is doing well, Sawyer with all her friends and stuff, and Tean with his Job, Hope all is wel, tel me if anyone needs anything. Love you all thanks for everything!
Chau Chau, Nos Vemos

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