Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Photo Number 1: Me and my companion, Elder Laurente. Super awesome

Photo Number 2: Our district, we only have 4 elders in our district, and our areas are 2 hours apart! Pretty cool, DAD - The Elder on the farthest right is from Costa Rica, San Jose! Your Mission, pretty cool! His name is Elder Alguilar

Photo Number 3: Some Photos from Zone Conference, I got to see Elder GUest, my old Companion, and Elder Santoro, my old roomate basically!

Photo Number 4: Me with The Mission President and His Wife

Photo Number 5: Me with Elder Santoro, He´s from Buenos Aires, super awesome Elder, started the mission 1 transfer after me.

Photo Number 6: Our Zone!


Hey, short letter this week, don´t have a lot of time, yesterday was a zone conference and we don´t really have p-day this week. But on Wednesday I got bit by a dog on my ankle... That killed and ripped a hole in my pants and sock. But i´m okay, just hurts to walk a little, but nothing major. Pretty cool story though. Also we had a lamb BBQ that a member made us two days ago. That was really good. Also I heard yesterday that my convert, Sergio, Mauricios older brother, he got the melchezidek priesthood yesterday! And he cut his hair completely and shaved and everything, and he baptized another person again!! It´s so awesome to hear that! I love you all, thanks for all your support! Stay Strong! My letter next week will be much better, Love you all

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