Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey Everyone, I got transfered this week! I´m doing great, my new area is called Santo Tomé and it´s in the providence Corrientes! And it´s really really awesome. It´s super beautiful here, i´ve never seen so much green! My companion is Elder Laurente, he´s from Peru, and he´s super awesome, we get along really really well. The cool thing about this transfer, is that Elder Taylor, my trainer, he started his mission in this area, and when Elder Taylor was a Zone LEader, he was a Zone Leader with Elder Laurente, my companion now! So we´re always talking about all the funny stories and things we had with Elder Taylor. IT´s so awesome!  This area is about 1 hour away from EVERYONE else. IT´s like a little town in the middle of nowhwere, it reminds me of that show Eureka that you guys always watched.  But the cool thing about this area, is it´s RIGHT next to Brazil. Look up Santo Tomé on the map, and you´ll see that you can see Brazil across the river. It´s a really cool area. Super green, really pretty, tons of cool animals and new bugs, and everyone here is Brazilian and speaks Portugese which is really cool.  The branch here is really awesome too, it´s got about 40 active member right now, and you can just feel their love radiate for the missionaries. It´s really different than my other area when we didn´t feel so much the love from the members, here it´s awesome.  There are also big huge falcons that fly around here, and they´re really awesome to watch.  Somethign funny here too, is there are China Markets. It´s like smiths, but run by pure china people. So we have chinese people speaking spanish, to an American speaking spanish, trying to comunicate with eachother. It´s pretty hilarious, and we laugh every time. We have some really great people to teach right now too, which is really awesome, and we´re really excited. We´ve got like 8 baptisms lined up in the next few weeks, and we´re working really really hard to keep them all. 

                Traveling here was a little weird, I traveled alone for 2 hours, which was super different, because you´ve always got a companion right with you every second of every day, and coming here I was all alone. Pretty wierd!  Also I got to see Elder Rogers! My companion from the MTC. That was really fun. He is so awesome. But i´m really really excited for this area, and for my new companion and everything. It´s going to be a really fun transfer.

     They speak a little different here too, which will be fun to learn some Portugese and stuff.  It´s a lot cooler here too, even though it´s starting to get really hot. It supposedly rains a lot more here, which is exciting, I love the rain here. It´s really really loud and just downpours.  I´m glad you got the letters, thanks for forwarding them. 

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