Thursday, August 23, 2012


That sounds fun reading all my blogs and stuff. I know your prayers really really help, and they are very special for the people I´m teaching, so thank you so much. Being here in the mission is really an amazing experience. I really wish I could tell you everything that happens, but that´ll just have to wait till I get home.  It´s amazing how the church is the same in all parts of the world. I´m participating in the same sacred ordinances that you are during the sacrament, in the same exact form, wether there are 400 members, or 40. That´s cool Tance is going to be able to play football at Jordan, Hope everything goes well so he´ll be able to play and not have any problems.  The new puppy sounds good! Can´t wait to meet him in a year and a half! 

That´s funny about the play. I remember mom, when we went to that Three Musketeers play, and I thought it was going to be awful, but I ended up liking it quite a bit! And maybe even more when I get home.  I have been thinking alot about starting up an Argentine restaurant when we get home, me and Ben could run it like Argentines! That would be pretty cool.  And mom, about your talk, yeah it would be great to share a lot of the experiences i´ve had in the mission, to excite a lot of the future missionaries of the ward, and their families! You´ll have to go through my emails again, but that would be great. Something else that might help, this week I have been studying something really interesting, and I´m calling it, The Be of Good Cheer study search, haha.  But it´s really interesting, i´m finding all the times it says Be of Good Cheer in the scriptures, and how many times Christ says it.  I am so surprised how many times He says it, and how calm he is about it, especially in the times of urgency.  It says a ton of times, "Be of Good Cheer, and Testify of me." Read John 16:33 for all those people that are struggling and also you can read 2 Nefi 10:23. I encourage everyone to try sharing the gospel because of how many times it says in the scriptures to be of good cheer, and to testify of Christ, which would be sharing the gospel with people.  So be of good cheer everyone! This life isn´t the end. Sometimes you need to just take a second to look back and enjoy it! 

Right now i´m teaching my companion, Elder Laurente, English, and it´s the funniest thing on this earth. He is actually really good already, and he´s learning a lot. He´s had 5 gringo companions and none of htem taught him english! including Elder Taylor! So we´re learning now, and it´s coming a long great. It´s so hard not laughing as he reads.  Also, algo really cool, is when Elder Taylor was here, he taught a kid named Miguel for a long time, but he didn´t get baptized, he wasn´t ready yet, and hte other day we found him again, and he´s going to get baptized in 2 weeks! He came to church and everything, and he´s got a great friend in the church now, It´s pretty cool to see how the Lord never gives up on people.  We also have a cool investigator couple, a Mom and a daughter, and the daughter has a kid. The little kid is 5 and super smart, she´s hilarious. But the daughter and the mom had been attending a church for years, and they came to find out it really wasn´t the church of God, and they called us, and we´ve been teachign them since I got here, and they´re aweomse. So prepared. They´ve come to church both sundays i´ve been here, and they´re going to get baptized not this week, but the 1st of September.  We also have a family who listened to the missionaries a long long time ago, but never got baptized, but were really really close with the missionaries, and when the missionaries got trasnferred, they stopped listening. Anyways, it´s been 10 years since they were with those missionaries, and the other day, the dad of this family, his name is Antonion, and he´s a really big head guy in the army here, like he is a general or soemthing really high up, and lots of people know him, anyways he was having a really really bad year, and a ton of bad things had happened to him, with a million problems, until he just couldn´t take it anymore, and one night a few weeks ago, he was going to do something really really horrific, because he had a gun and everything, I think you can get the picture, anyways he was about to do soemthing really bad, and sure enough, he gets a phone call, from one of the missionaries he´d met with 10 years earlier, and that missionary helped him through that night, the missionary isn´t a missionary anymore obvously but he felt the impression to call this man, and he didn´t do anything bad. So he ended up calling us last week, and now we´re teaching his whoel family, all of them have a baptismal date, adn are going to come to church this week. What miracles we´re having! Oh, and soemthing else I found out about this area, THERE ARE MONKEYS! There is a family of monkeys here, and they are just part of the town! THey cross the streets and everything. It´s hilarious! It´s so cool! I´ll have to get a picture of them. 

Also mom, can you send me some recipes of our favorite foods? Like croissant rolls and stuff? they don´t have exactly the same things here, but we can make it work i´m sure. Elder Laurente is teaching me to make a lot of foods from Peru, which are awesome, and it´ll be fun to cook for you all.  Things like chicken salad sandwhich, and croissant chicken rolls, and all that stuff please? that would be good to have. 

Something Else I found out you can put in your talk mom, is a cool quote I learned.  "If we want to talk with God, we need to pray, if we want him to talk back, we need to read the scriptures" you can adjust it to how you like it, but it´s pretty cool. 
Thanks for everything, from everyone. I love you all, thanks for your prayers and support! I love you all, Have a wonderful week. Yesterday was holiday here so that´s why I didn´t write, sorry! Love Elder Allsup

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