Tuesday, September 4, 2012



First two pictures are of my daily planner, I like to put pictures on them so they aren´t just the same everytime, maybe a hint for all the future missionaries!

Second image is our baptism we had!! So awesome! Their names are Maria (The Older) and Evelyn (The Younger) THey are the two that realized all the churches weren´t true, and they called us. They are so awesome. They have so much faith, and they are so obedient. Even to the Sabbath day, they ask us any single little thing they are unsure of so that they are super obedient to all of the commandments and things. THey are a huge example to me, in how they want to serve the Lord and his commandments. Really cool. Also, the little girl Ruth, is super intellegent, and the other day we showed up, and the mom of the little girl, (Evelyn) told us that Ruth had soemthing she wanted to share with us, and Ruth said, "I prayed and asked god, and he told me the church of the missionaries is the only true church of God." She´s only 5 years old! Haha how awesome is she! How awesome of an example is she to all of us? We all need to try to use our faith like that, and I know that The Lord can really help us like he helped her to know!  They were so happy after their baptism. It was so awesome to see their faces, and how truly happy, and joyful they were. I wish you could have all seen their faces as they came out of the water, and how truly joyful they were!

So is Xotchil living with you all now? Or is she living with Rosse and Giovanni? I´m not sure I understood really well. That´s awesome that she´s there though, with all of you! How´s her english? I will be able to speak to her in both languages when I get home, that´s pretty cool! Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, and to hear these people´s testimonies is amazing. They have such faith, and they really have a great attitude about it, even though it´s extremely difficult to be a member here. It made me remember when Tean was a kid, and he said "I´d like to bury my testimony" haha I told my companion that and he was laughing forever. My companion sends his "Hello´s" to everyone. 

Dad- Thanks for that idea about the Study Journal, I started it, and it´s going to be something really important in my life, I can´t wait to share it all with you when I go home. It´s going to be really cool to have in my life, and in my mission.  Thank you.  

Tean, and all other future missionaries- You need to start reading Preach my Gospel and the scriptures. I promise you that it will help you more than you can imagine. But don´t just read, start to study. I wish I had done that to prepare more. I know it´s extremely hard, and seems boring, but once you really start to do it, you´ll love it. Please start to read and study, It will help you so much, and you can really tell which missionaries studied and learned before their missions. Please go buy Preach my Gospel and just start reading from page one, and also the Book of Mormon. I know it will be difficult, but SO worth it you can´t even imaginE!

I love you all, thanks so much for all you do, sounds like all is well, study good in school!! Nos Vemos!

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