Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey Everyone! Maria and Evelyn are doing great, and hopefully going to get callings this week, so that´ll be awesome! Not a whole lot to write this week, pretty average week. But I did want to see if you are able to see all the pictures I send? Are they working fine? I hope so. This week we met a woman with 18 children, and she´s less active, and all her kids are members, so we are going to be working with them a lot hopefully. But imagine 18 kids! Wow... Also here in Santo Tomé, there are frogs everywhere, which is awesome. Just walking along hte street we see frogs every 5 or 6 steps, and they are pretty funny to watch. Hermano Machado was supposed to get baptized this week, but he told us that if he gets baptized, his 13 year old daughter will leave the house because she doesn´t want him to get baptized. It´s really difficult, that a little 13 year old girl is stopping her dad from doing something so big in his life. But we are going to continue working with him. It´s already super hot here, and we are already sweating a ton, but we´re getting used to it again. And Diego and Martha are also slipping away a little bit. The old guy is going pretty crazy and they aren´t willing to come to church right now. So we are lacking a few investigators, but we´re still working really really hard. Thanks for all your prayers! The Homecoming pictures are great. They are both so grown up, I can´t beleive it! They look so old, but really good. That´s cool they were able to do that! That´s cool about your story mom. it´s Amazing how well you can listen to the spirit. It´s something that is extremely hard for me, especially with all the distractions, but i´m getting better at it. Sounds like everyone is good! Thanks for all the insight and quotes! Thanks for all the support, I love you all! Have a great week, Nos Vemos

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