Tuesday, September 11, 2012


First Photo, we did a barbeque today, and it was super delicious

Second Photo, same thing, but raw

Third Photo, WE SAW THE MONKEYS ON SATURDAY!!! Right next to our pension!! So we ran to get our cameras, they are so awesome, this is a picture of hte mom with her little baby on her back!

Fourth Photo, Same thing, of the sweet monkeys!

Fifth Photo, us with Grape Fanta!

Sixth Photo, just a little glimpse of how green everything is here in our area

Hey Everyone

I am loving this area more and more every single day. It´s so awesome. I´m loving the mission so much. Me and my companion are getting along great, and he´s already one of my best friends. We are working so hard, too. We basically jog from house to house, and we measured it out a few days ago, we walk an average of about 10 miles per day. It´s a lot of walking, but I got used to it the first few weeks of my mission. Now it´s normal. But still, there are days when i´m pretty beat.  I love this branch. The members are so great. And they are starting to help us out a lot more, and it´s really cool to see the progress.  Some cool things this week, is that everyone in the mission is crazy about Grape Fanta, the soda, because it´s only sold in Brasil, and since my area is basically Brasil, it´s the only area in the mission where it´s sold, so this tuesday we did divisions with another Elder, our District Leader, and of course we flew to go buy Grape Fanta, and it´s hilarious how much all the other Elders are so envious of it, Especially all the latinos, because it´s not really sold in south america. So we went to buy a pizza, and grape fanta, and it was pretty awesome. 

We found a really awesome family this week, They are like 75 and 76 years old, Diego and Martha, and they are super ready. They are a reference from Maria and Evelyn, those that got baptized last week, and they are already so obedient. Diego has a lot of health problems, and he can´t walk very well, but he´s hilarious. Anyways, we taught them the word of wisdom, and asked them if we could trade all the tea they had for juice, and Martha went inside, and brought out like a huge grocery bag of tea they had, and it was so cool how willing they were to be obediente to a commandment that two 20 year old kids taught them. They feel the spirit super easily, and it´s really cool to see how they light up in the lessons. Diego cries almost every lesson that we have, even though we´re outside with chickens and dogs surrounding us. It´s really fun to teach them. 

Also, this week, by Martha and Diego´s house, there are like 4 wild parrots, and every single time we pass, they say, "Hola!" like 54 times, hahaah it´s hilarious.  Also, we were able to see the Monkeys this week that live by our pension! It´s so awesome! There are 4, The dad, who is pure black, the mom is like a cream, and two little baby monkeys that are hilarious.  Yesterday, we got to travel to the District Center to watch the Temple Dedication of Buenos Aires, and it was really awesome. Just like the one we got to see for Oaker Mountain but for Buenos Aires, and the temple is beautiful. The cool part is that D. Todd Christofferson speaks spanish and he directed the whole thing, and then a lot of Argentines spoke. It was such an awesome experience. When Elder Eyring spoke, it was really powerful. And the cool thing too is that all the other apostoles that spoke, spoke in english, and there was a translator, so that was a cool experience. 

That´s so awesome Tance and Sawyer sang! Sounds like it went great! And Tean will be a cashier, that is awesome!! I´m proud of each of you, that´s great!  That story about Grandma and Grandpa is hilarious, I´m sure it was hilarious for the others to watch. ´That´s cool Bro Quick said that, I remember how cool he was with all the youth, just like Ryan Dodge. Our branch really needs people like that. It´s hard because there are a ton of inactive youth here, but there aren´t a ton of activities and things to keep them active, that´s something I´m really thankful for, to live in a big ward with really fun people, and lots of activities.  Tell The Dodge´s to name one Quynn. that´s awesome! Who cares about favorites! That´s a great talk abou the ensign, i´m going to put that in practice, because we always ask people if they need soemthing to just call, but that would be awesome to just start doing it without them even knowing, or just to show up one day. Thanks for that idea!  How´s the ward doing? Tell everyone I say hi, and that I pray for them every day, and thank you for all the prayers I receive.

Thanks for everything from everyone, I really appreciate all the support, I hope you enjoy the emails, I´m working hard for each of you! I love you all, thanks.

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